Regain some time off work
Work less. Focus on what matters the most
Managing appointments used to take me forever.
With booxi I can get more done in less time.
My daughter loves it!
Take appointments 24/7
Be always available while spending less time on the phone, and get more visibility online while lowering your website cost to $0.
Get an assistant
Get a resourceful virtual assistant who manages your schedule and notifies your clients while you are busy.
Manage everything on the go
booxi will keep you connected with your clients and in control of your business at all time wherever you are.
Trying to get in touch with clients?

Be always available while spending less time on the phone, and get more visibility online while lowering your website cost to $0.

booxi is the smart solution

Get a full time assistant and business advisor for the price of a smile =]}

Increase your revenue by attracting more clients and by reducing your “no-shows”, while improving communication with emails and text messages.

Mobile and friendly management

Manage each aspect of your business
anywhere at any moment.

booxi will keep you updated on your schedule changes and will manage your appointments according to your rules.


A website for your business that is always
up to date and doesn't cost you a dime.

Within seconds of activating your booxi business account, you get an attractive web space where consumers can find you, learn about your business, personnel and services, as well as book an appointment with you.

No need for a web designer and the on-going support costs of maintaining your website.

Appointment management done
your way according to your rules.

booxi is designed to think as much as possible like you when it is time to make appointment booking decisions.

Although the smart technology behind it is complex, booxi itself is very easy to use. It applies your rules: such as not letting anyone book within a few hours ahead of the appointment time and only when you are available, but making exceptions for your preferred clients, yet not for any service…

booxi is flexible and reliable, leaving you in control.

Full control over your appointments wherever,
whenever, from your smartphone.

When using booxi mobile, you have access to information on your business, personnel and services, while managing your appointments.

Whether you want to add a new personnel, change the price of a service, update your business hours, take and upload a picture or update your profile, you have it.

With booxi, you are in control wherever you are, and can manage
each aspect of your business, whenever you have the time.

A full time virtual assistant
and business advisor.

booxi provides you with a resourceful virtual assistant that can take appointments for you 24/7, manage your schedule, and send reminders to your clients. It can also analyze your business and clientele and then give you advice on your business operations, revenue, marketing strategy, promotions and more. booxi’s virtual assistant has a tremendous business experience, yet a ridiculously small ego.

Reminders sent to your clients, to ensure that they always show up.

booxi will remind your clients of their appointments before the appointment time, so they show up on time. Reducing the number of no-show does increase your revenues.


booxi is currently only available to a limited
number of VIP businesses and later to everyone.

booxi is currently only available for a limited number of VIP businesses, but will later be available for everyone.

Thanks, booxi.

Contact us
Find professionals 24/7
Works for anyone, anywhere, at anytime,
booxi helps you find what you’re looking for.
Pick the right time
booxi tells you when the person and
service you want is available for you.
Book an appointment
Simply provide an email or a phone number and
booxi will remind you of your appointment.
Hard time booking appointments?

Many of us have experienced repeatedly remembering to call for an appointment once the business is closed; hitting the voicemail; and entering the chain of messages and returned calls until we finally have a confirmed appointment.

booxi is what we were hoping for!

A simple and effective way to book an appointment when you have time and when you think of it.

You may ask, how much is this worth?
booxi is worth it and free! You don't even have to create and account to use it!

Easy as 1-2-3 with no extra fee!

booxi sends you an email confirmation, or a text message, with all required details handy

If you sometimes miss your appointment, you won't anymore! booxi reminds you a little before so you always remember and make it on time

Our mission is to help small
businesses & professionals
Accomplish More in less time.
We are a privately held company based in Montreal (QC) Canada, founded in 2013. We provide small service businesses and professionals a smart online appointment booking solution with a virtual business assistant.
Our mission is to help small businesses and professional focus on their expertise and accomplish more in less time. Using artificial intelligence applied to business logic, we can unleash the power of a virtual assistant working for the professionals and businesses, as well as assisting administrative resources.
The Team

booxi's core team members come from the same previous successful business; DTI Software including DTI's co-founder and CTO Daniel Laplante

Marc-Andre Bruneau
Co-Founder & CTO
Experience in leading technology initiatives and software development

A team that made a promise to work together again in the future and is now making it happen.

Daniel Laplante
Co-Founder & CEO
Long time entrepreneur with a strong technical and business background.
Carlo Gaudreault
Branding UIX Designer
Peter Zsurka
Software Engineer
Martin Guay
Software Engineer
Xavier Vautier
AI Engineer Specialist