Are you Ready for the Rush of Holidays?

Business Tips    |   Dec 20, 2016

marketing ideas to get the most out of the HolidaysHolidays are a very busy time. That’s why we made a checklist for you to be sure you don’t miss anything, and that you get the most of this period.

  • Send a message to wish happy holidays to your customers and to thanks them? Don’t know how to do it? Here is an article that would interest you!
    |link to article: Connect with your customers for Christmas and Get more Revenues|
  • Take also the time to post a publication on your social networks to thanks them.
  • Make sure to block your day off on your calendar for your own holidays so no one can book an appointment?
  • According to last year do you need to increase your time slot availabilities in order to answer the demand? Make sure to be able to benefit the most from this busy period and to have sufficient resources.
  • Publish posts on your social networks to let your customers know about your schedules?
  • Call your most regular customers if they didn’t book their appointment yet to be sure that they will have their appointment.
  • Order January retail stock (if your suppliers are closed)?
  • Want to do more? Why won’t you search which hairstyles are the most shared and liked through Pinterest and Instagram? Moreover it can be a great source of relevant content for your social networks.
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