Automatically Dispatch Appointments to Your Personnel and Spend Less Time Managing Schedules

Product Features    |   Oct 02, 2017

automatic dispatch

You can now automatically dispatch appointments booked online to available personnel instead of doing the dispatch manually yourself. This way, appointments are evenly distributed to your personnel, and you spend no time managing schedules.

Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, book spaces such as conference rooms, pet wash cabins, or things like bikes and kayaks, booxi can dispatch appointments for you, and save you precious time.

How to Automatically Dispatch Appointments?

When using appointment automatic dispatch, booxi computes the availability of each personnel and presents a choice of dates and time slots that have at least one personnel available each.

When the client selects a time slot, booxi automatically dispatches the appointment to the personnel available who have the least appointments for the selected date. This way, all personnel have appointments distributed evenly.

Depending on how you set up the Approval Mode, you will receive appointment requests (manual mode) or approved appointments (automated mode) in your booxi calendar. The process is entirely automated, saving you lots of schedule management effort and time.

Set up a Service for Automatic Dispatch

You can enable automatic dispatch per service, simply by changing two simple appointment rules. Automatically dispatching appointments will not require the client to select a personnel, so you must select the right option on Personnel Selection Mode. Afterwards, set the Time Slot Selection to Display time slot with automatic dispatch. You can then offer some services with automatic dispatch, and other ones as well with a personnel selected by the client.

  1. Go to the service you would like to dispatch appointments automatically.
  2. Click on Booking Rules for that service
  3. Select No personnel selection or No preference + Personnel Selection
  4. Set the Time Slot Selection option to Display time slot with automatic dispatch
  5. Click Save at the top of the Booking Rules form, and you’re done.

Online Booking Experience

A service set with automatic dispatch appointments present choice of dates and time slots, without prior personnel selection. These time slots are the available times that have at least one personnel available. If more than one personnel is available for the selected time, booxi will dispatch the appointment to the personnel with the least appointments for that day.

AutomaticDispatch_2_En (1)

Your client will receive a confirmation and reminder without being assigned a specific personnel. This allows you the possibility to make changes afterwards.

If you disable Preferred Personnel Selection in your Business booking rules, then the client will know the personnel selected automatically.

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