booxi Got The Attention of The Toronto ESI 2016

Press Release    |   Jul 11, 2016

booxi at the 2016 Toronto ESI (Esthetic SPA International) Show attracted hundreds of business owners and professionals with its smart solution.

Business owners and self-employed professionals are more and more conscious that they need to manage their business more efficiently, and that includes visibility and accessibility to their services by consumers, as well as an access to information on their business and an optimisation of their time. Which is why they are shopping for tools to help them.

They have definitely realized by now that their old and expensive salon management software needs to be replaced, and that there are better and less expensive solutions available in the market. Even professionals working alone understand that they can also profit from smart solutions like booxi.

It is the beauty and simplicity of booxi that catch their attention at first, and then when they find out about all it can do for them, and how easy to use and affordable it is, we can feel their relief. They have finally found something that will really change their life. The return on their investment is so big, that the fear and burden of using software goes away.

It was great to see them bringing more people to our booth, as they wanted to share their discovery, booxi. We had a great time with our visitors, presenting booxi and answering questions. We will be happy to help hundreds of professionals and business owner using booxi, to get more results with less effort.

Lots of graduating students will now have a chance to start their own business without investing money on a website or software, booxi will provide them all they need at a uncomparable affordable price and simplicity.

Professionals and business owners will have the opportunity to start using a cloud solution that finally meets their needs and budget, to help them get where they always wanted to be in their business.

Thank you all for visiting us at EIS, and we wish you lots of success with your business using booxi.

booxi at The Salon de la beauté au CFP des Riverains
Press Release   |   Jul 11, 2016
Booxi Made Lots of Happy Professionals and Business Owners at the 2016 Vancouver EIS This Year
Press Release   |   Jul 11, 2016
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