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In this article, we will show you why after experiencing booxi you won’t live without it.

  • Increase your Visibility
  • Save Time
  • Offer a Better Customer Experience
  • Track your Metrics

booxi is so easy to use that you will wonder why you have not started using it before today. Sign up only takes a minute and provides countless benefits to your business.

Increase your Visibility

Let’s start with online visibility for your business, by looking at the website booxi builds for you. The site not only looks good with its cover picture and top class design but it also provides valuable information to customers such as your service offer, your personnel, and your business hours, among various things. booxi optimizes your site for search engines like Google (SEO), so customers can easily find you. No need to pay from $1,000 to $5000 for a website, booxi provides it, included in your membership.
Outdated information on your website is now a thing of the past. With booxi, customers will always find the most updated information as booxi always keeps it updated with you current service offer, prices, personnel, schedule, open hours and so on that are used by you to book appointments in booxi.

You already have a website! That is great because the more online visibility you have, the more costumers and appointment requests it drives to you. You can easily integrate our ‘Book Now’ button in your site, and let costumers book from both places and receive all appointment requests at one central point, into your booxi account.

Save Time

Statistics show that professionals spend in average 30 hours a month over the phone to manage their appointments. It takes an average of 10 minutes per appointment to exchange schedule information and finally confirm a time with a client. That means 6 appointments cost you 1 hour of your time, imagine what you could do with those hours… You can save time and let booxi handle a some of your appointments by inviting your clients to book online.

Clients love online booking because they can book when they have time (even though your business is closed), and take all the time they want to review their schedule. They spare themselves the same trouble as you, by escaping from voicemail exchanges because they too are busy during the day. They also love email confirmation and SMS reminders.

I am sure you can’t imagine yourself manually sending emails for each appointment, then later SMS to remind each clients. However it is has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce no shows and stop loosing the associated revenue. booxi will automatically send an email confirmation for each appointment confirmed, providing all information handy, as well as an SMS or email reminder to make sure no appointment is missed.

Offer a Better Customer Experience

booxi can improve the quality of your service with your customers. Allowing customers to book online and sending email confirmations and reminders is just a start. Knowing your customers is key to provide a personalized service that they’ll talk about to everyone. booxi gives you access to the appointment history and notes of each customer, so you can impress them by remembering when was their last visit and what service you offered.

You can then use your client list to send them promotion emails, or find out who is due for another appointment. The more you know about your clientele, the more revenue you can get from them.

Track your Metrics

If you want to grow your business, you have to know your numbers and track your metrics. If you’re not an accountant or if you don’t have a natural affinity for numbers, let booxi handle this for you.

booxi provides you simple but useful metrics on your business and clientele. This includes metrics on your online visibility, your appointments and your client growth, so you understand better your growth and your clientele’s demand.


Things to remember:

  • booxi builds a website for you.
  • Online appointment booking will save you time.
  • Your clients love online booking and email confirmations.
  • Automatic reminders helps reducing no shows.
  • Know your numbers to grow your business.
  • booxi’s virtual assistant works for you.
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