Booxi Made Lots of Happy Professionals and Business Owners at the 2016 Vancouver EIS This Year

Press Release    |   Jul 11, 2016

booxi foundersbooxi was at the 2016 Vancouver EIS (Esthetic SPA International) show at the beginning of March showcasing booxi to professionals from BC and the surroundings.

The feedback we got was amazing and unanimous from the roughly 500 professionals we met with. They were surprised by the simplicity and pricing of booxi, as well as how fast they can start using it and how soon they start benefiting from it.

Professionals visiting EIS don’t really expect to see software in this type of trade show, they are mainly here for beauty products, equipment and new technologies or discovery and sessions for their industry. When they see software, they are reluctant thinking it is about website design, or expensive Salon system or Marketing tools. They don’t expect to find something like booxi that completely changes the game for them.

Even though they think this is not for them; within the first 30 seconds we talk to them, we describe the problems they face for which they all agree by saying that it is even worst, then when we start explaining the solution we have for them, they get very excited. Finally when we show the pricing, the reaction is always the same «Are you ΓǪ serious!». The entire two days were like that none stop, so it was very rewarding for us to see the reaction and how people saw us as their salvation.

For students who were planning on starting their own business, it was a true revelation. They will now be able to start their business without spending $3,000 to $8,000 for a website, a POS and computers. With a little budget of $17 to $34 a month ($200 to $400 a year) they’ll have everything they need including the website, the CRM, the appointment solution, the automated email and SMS and more. They will be more effective than most established businesses on day one and be able to focus on doing what they love the most: spending time with customers.

We have been working hard at booxi to reach this objective of providing professionals and small businesses a smart solution that works for them, enabling them to get more results with less efforts. One of the most important objective was to create something beautiful and very simple to use. We are very happy to confirm that the feedback we got at the show, and growing popularity of booxi just prove that this is mission accomplished 🙂

Thank you all for visiting us at EIS, and we wish you lots of success with your
business using booxi.

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