Booxi partners with 3DLOOK to revolutionize apparel shopping

Image représentant l'association entre Booxi et 3DLOOK

Booxi, appointment scheduling software for retailers, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with 3DLOOK, the world's most accurate AI-powered 3D body measuring solution. This exciting partnership aims to transform the apparel retail industry by offering personalized services and product recommendations on a global scale.

​​Booxi and 3DLOOK are two great stand alone technologies, but when paired together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Booxi is the appointment scheduling software of choice for Brands and Retailers looking to provide exceptional customer experience.

3DLOOK is the world's most accurate AI powered 3D mobile body scanning solution that accurately measures a shoppers body instantly from just two photos. The solution delivers unmatched precision and flawless sizing for online or in-store shopping.

Following the booking of a stylist or personal shopper, customers can be prompted to perform a scan with 3DLOOK when they receive the booking confirmation and have accurate body data information at their fingertips, creating a more sales-centric and personalized customer experience.

When using these technologies in tandem, apparel retailers can offer personalized services and product recommendations at scale, helping brands create a unique and seamless customer journey that reduces friction and leads to greater pre-purchase engagement. This results in higher conversion rates, lower return rates, and greater lifetime value.

More information about 3DLOOK here:

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