booxi was at the ESI in Montreal !

Press Release    |   Nov 18, 2016

appointment sms reminderOctober 16th and 17th, booxi was at the Esthetique Spa International and Daniel Laplante, our CEO, was one of the speakers.

The conference «How to Get More Revenues With Less Efforts : using simple and affordable online tools» was a success with a room that was full. M. Laplante was talking about the market statistics, trends, tools, and simple methods to get more results with less efforts. A set of tips easy to apply and providing amazing results.

daniel laplante

Your customers are online, you have to be there too. Which is why the conference was talking about tools adapted, affordable and easy to use.

We were there at our booth to answer questions about our smart appointment booking solution. It was also a privilege to receive some of our users, who wanted to share their experience with us, and to learn that they cannot imagine a life without booxi anymore.

affiliate_b A Revenue Increase of Over $6000

For example, one of our customers saw her revenues increase by over $6000 in the last year, by avoiding no-shows (which she estimated to be 3 per week). 3 appointments * $40 = $120 *50 weeks = $6000. With a cost of $400, her return on investment for using booxi has been largely proven.

website_done_b A Competitive Advantage, That Also Saves a Lot of Time

Another customer explained to us that since she started offering online appointment booking, many customers from her competition became her customers because they like online appointment booking and SMS reminders. A crucial competitive advantage, that in addition of saving you time, will also attract new customers.

Don’t waste time anymore, enjoy the benefits provided by booxi and easily increase your revenues

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