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Remote Retail
Business Tips   |   Sep 21, 2020
  More than ever, customers are looking to purchase online. By opting to buy online rather than in store, they are able to avoid lineups, crowds, finding a parking spot and avoid traffic. Regardless of their reason to make their purchases online, it’s important to create a sense of trust in order to get them […] Read more
Manage your in store appointments and reassess your business goals
Business Tips   |   Sep 14, 2020
The Future of Retail The Retail world has been working on a digital transformation for a while and most people who work in that industry understand how necessary this change is. Providing an omnichannel experience as well as adapting to the new reality that consumers are looking for in their shopping experience are the kinds […] Read more
Provide a personal shopper experience and attract highly qualified customers in store.
Business Tips   |   May 25, 2020
Retailers are focusing more and more on in-store experiences to meet new customer expectations and attract highly qualified traffic. In fact, 86% of consumers prefer to spend on experiences rather than products. Both single store and store chains are adopting this successful strategy that generates a significant average basket size increase. Fashion and cosmetic retailers […] Read more
Control your traffic in store, avoid lineups and provide a safe, enjoyable experience.
Business Tips   |   May 22, 2020
Store line-ups have a negative impact on your customer’s experience and they don’t make social distancing any easier. 15 minutes is enough to ruin a customer’s experience, so imagine them waiting an hour to get served. Chances are, they’ll most likely buy less and inevitably, spread the word.  A controlled and safe experience can be […] Read more
Adding Online Booking to Your Website
Business Tips   |   May 15, 2020
Adding online booking to your website is a little technical but quite simple. Most non-IT people can do it in a few clicks when using a website designer tool such as weebly, wordpress and or others. But before your start, you must identify where in your website customers will be able to book online.  Where […] Read more
Setting Up Online Booking for personal shopper appointment in store
Business Tips   |   May 15, 2020
Offering a personal shopper service is a great way to increase store traffic by providing experiences in store. It provides a great customer experience with at least a 90% conversion rate and a much higher average basket size. This article will be focusing on setting up online booking for personal shopper appointments in store. 1. […] Read more
Set up online booking for in-store traffic control
Business Tips   |   May 14, 2020
Offering online booking to visit your store is a great and easy way to control your traffic and avoid an awful customer experience with lineups in front of your store.  This article will be focusing on setting up online booking for store visits. 1. Get a booxi account  If you already have a booxi account, […] Read more
Create anticipation with a successful and safe store reopening
Business Tips   |   May 14, 2020
If your store is currently on lockdown, you should be planning a safe and successful reopening right now. After such a long time in confinement, consumers are eager to go back, but only if they feel safe, and if government safety measures are followed. Without creating a sense of anticipation, you risk having a reopening […] Read more
Setup online booking for safe appointments in store
Business Tips   |   May 13, 2020
Offering online booking for appointments in your store is a great strategy to attract more customers, avoid no-shows, communicate your safety measures and provide a great and safe customer experience.  This article will be focusing on setting up group or individual appointments in-store. 1. Get a booxi account  If you already have a booxi account, […] Read more
Offer a convenient Click and Scheduled Collect safe experience.
Business Tips   |   May 12, 2020
  While stores are closed, online sales are generating more revenue. Although 73% of consumers think of buying local, it’s only a small percentage that actually do because of Amazon’s attractive next day delivery and free shipping options. However, you may not be ready to handle the hassle of shipping goods to your customers. People […] Read more
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