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No shows are the worst; they represent both a loss of time and money.
Business Tips   |   Aug 11, 2016
No shows are a waste of time and money. Here are solutions to avoid them. Read more
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Get More Visibility by Registering With Google My Business
Business Tips   |   Aug 11, 2016
Register your business on Google My Business for free and improve both your website indexing and your online visibility. Read more
#Google My Business | #online visibility | #search engine 0ptimization
How do successful small businesses retain their clients?
Business Tips   |   Aug 11, 2016
48% of small-business owners worldwide said their customers drove their success however few businesses have real strategies to build strong relationship with their existing clients. Find out our best strategies to increase your customer satisfaction and build your customer loyalty. Read more
#appointment | #Customer Retention | #user experience
Tired to Spend Most of Your Time on the Phone to Manage Your Appointments?
Business Tips   |   Aug 11, 2016
Stop wasting time and focus on what you really like to do : be with your customers. Read more
#no-show | #online booking | #time saving
Get More Visibility by Creating Your Business Facebook Page for Your Local Business
Business Tips   |   Jul 11, 2016
Create your Business Facebook Page and Get More Visibility. Read more
#Business Facebook Page | #online visibility
Get More Customers Through Internet ?
Business Tips   |   Jul 11, 2016
Today 86% of customers use Internet. Then it is a great opportunity for you to get more clients. Here are some tips to optimize your chances to convert your online traffic into real customers. Read more
#online visibility | #user experience | #website
How to easily improve communication with your clients?
Business Tips   |   Jul 08, 2016
A successful management of appointment booking depends on communication. booxi enables you to communicate easily and clearly with your clients in a way that increases the quality level of your service and saves you lots of time. Let's see how booxi does it. Read more
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Save a lot of time by managing all your appointments with booxi.
Business Tips   |   Jul 08, 2016
This article shows you how and why booxi will help you to optimize your time and your appointments management. Read more
#business management | #online booking | #time saving
How to make my website look amazing?
Business Tips   |   Jul 08, 2016
Some tips to have an great website that will catch the attention of your customers and increase your online visibility. Read more
#customer | #online visibility | #website
How secure is booxi to store my data?
Business Tips   |   Jul 08, 2016
Find out why your data are safe with the cloud. Read more
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