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Video conference for appointments and group sessions
Product Features   |   Aug 19, 2020
You now have access to a video conference solution within booxi where you can easily book video appointments and video group sessions. You no longer need to copy and paste video links from other solutions (which you still can do) for each booking. booxi now automates everything. Your clients don’t need to install additional software […] Read more
Online Payment for Rental Reservations
Product Features   |   Jul 23, 2020
In 2019, we launched a rental module that allows automated rental management. You can now request an online payment when your customer books a rental reservation. booxi allows you to capture the payment by credit card in advance thanks to its integration with Stripe or Square.  This option contributes greatly to a better customer experience with […] Read more
Customers Can Now See Your Service Descriptions in Book Now
Product Features   |   Jul 20, 2020
Like many websites, yours does not have a page describing each service you offer, and you use the book now button linked to your facebook page or own website (not a link to the booxi booking page). Your customers will now be able to access the description of each service in the book now popup. […] Read more
Give Your Clients the Option to Select Preferred Personnel
Product Features   |   Jul 17, 2020
Offer your customers more choices, keep track of their personnel preferences and manage your appointments more effectively.  You can give the following options to your customers :  Choose the personnel for specific services  Offer services without letting them choose a personnel Offer both options at the same time Keep track of their preferences Before presenting […] Read more
Present Your Online Booking Service Offer in Various Languages
Product Features   |   Apr 10, 2020
You can now edit your booxi content in multiple languages and offer a full experience in your customer’s native tongue. booxi has been available in multiple languages for a while, but your content such as service names, descriptions was only editable in one language.  You can now manage content translations, and offer your customers a […] Read more
Control Your Users Access Rights
Product Features   |   Nov 29, 2019
You can now control with more flexibility what your personnel can do with booxi. We have prepared 5 user roles each representing a different persona, for you to choose from and give an access that better represents what each personnel should be able to do. Administrator Supervisor Manager Staff Restricted Staff The concept of account […] Read more
Automate your rental management
Product Features   |   Jul 11, 2019
Booxi’s Rental module allows you to manage your rental inventory, and offer online booking with simplicity. Finally, you can manage your appointments, reservations, and rentals on the same platform! Who is it for? Any company that rents items for durations exceeding one day will benefit greatly from using booxi’s Rental module. For example: bikeshops, sports […] Read more
Duplicate Services to Create Your Offer in Record Time
Product Features   |   Mar 14, 2019
It is now possible to duplicate selected services in order to speed up the process of building your service offer. Read more
Create invoices and receipts using booxi!
Product Features   |   Nov 08, 2018
The new booxi feature allows you to create an invoice in one click, and print or send a personalized receipt by email, directly from an appointment or reservation in booxi. Read more
#Payment | #Receipt
Generate Reservation reports to monitor your group activities
Product Features   |   Dec 22, 2017
You can now easily export your groups, reservations and attendees data! Read more
#online reservation
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