Follow our setp by step tutorial, and easily learn how to use booxi.
Create your Mailchimp account : 1st step in the customer retention strategy
Tutorials   |   Jan 10, 2018
In this tutorial we will see the first step of an email marketing strategy : the selection of the right tool and the creation of your account in that solution. Read more
#Customer Retention | #mailing list
How to add book now button directly on your Webself website?
Tutorials   |   Oct 02, 2017
Here is the tutorial to learn how to add online appointment booking directly on your Webself website. Read more
#online visibility | #website
How to Add Online Booking to Jimdo Website
Tutorials   |   Aug 21, 2017
Learn how to add online appointment booking to your Jimdo website and start converting online visitors into customers. Read more
#jimdo | #online appointment booking
How to Create Your Business Instagram Account : a Step by Step Guide
Tutorials   |   Jul 05, 2017
Follow this step by step tutorial and create your business Instagram account. Read more
#online visibility
Create Your Canva Account to Produce Your Own Visuals
Tutorials   |   May 29, 2017
Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than others types of content. By creating your Canva account, you can easily create images that fits with your business to illustrate your social media's publications. Read more
#online visibility | #social network
Weebly – Add Online Appointment Booking Directly on your website
Tutorials   |   May 28, 2017
Easily add online appointment booking directly on your Weebly website thanks to the complete integration with booxi, the online appointment scheduling software. Read more
#online booking | #weebly appointment
Use Stripe to Accept Online Booking & Credit Card Payments
Tutorials   |   Mar 07, 2017
With Stripe, you can easily accept online payment at the time of booking, thanks to the full integration with booxi. Read more
#Goup scheduling | #online payment | #Stripe Payment
How to Integrate the Book Now Button in Your Website
Tutorials   |   Feb 21, 2017
Find out how easy it is to add online booking to your website, with a step by step tutorial and a series of useful links to generate the code you need and fully customize your Book Now button. Read more
#online booking | #website
Get the Most Out of Your Client List!
Tutorials   |   Dec 16, 2016
Your business exists for your customers. It is then crucial to know them well and regularly communicate with them. Here is how to export your booxi client list and benefit from it. Read more
#customer | #mailing list
How to Use the booxi Book Now Widget With votresite.ca
Tutorials   |   Jul 20, 2016
Your booxi book now button can be easily added to your votresite.ca website using this step by step tutorial. This will allow you to offer online appointment booking directly in your website. Read more
#online booking
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