Create invoices and receipts using booxi!

Product Features    |   Nov 08, 2018

You can now create an invoice with just one click, and print out or send a receipt by email to your customer, directly from an appointment or reservation in booxi.

Save even more time and simplify your life by using booxi’s invoices and receipts feature. After a simple setup, you are ready to start creating invoices in just one click, while also helping to save the environment by emailing receipts rather than using paper to print them!

  • Personalize your receipts: Thanks to the «Invoice & receipt footer note» feature, easily customize your receipts by adding your tax number, association number, practitioner number, or even your payment policies!
  • Add a product sale to your receipt: You can easily add product purchases to a receipt. Booxi automatically fills up your product catalogue in order to speed up the process for the next receipt.
  • Register the payment in cash, or by credit or debit card: Complete your receipt by noting one or more payments made, with payment methods that will be displayed to your client!
  • Print out or send the receipt by email: Whether your customer prefers a paper receipt or a virtual one, booxi allows you to offer them both, and also gives you access to their invoice and receipt history.
  • Use booxi with your existing payment terminal: booxi is flexible, and adapts to your specific workflow. Therefore, you can use it with your existing payment system.

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