Create Your Canva Account to Produce Your Own Visuals

Tutorials    |   May 29, 2017

create your canva accountCanva is a solution that allows you to edit images to personalize them and make them fit with your business’ image.
This can be very useful for customizing the images you publish on your social networks, for creating visuals for your Facebook ads, for illustrating your promotions newsletters or for illustrating your blog if you have one.


#1 – Go on Canva website.

sign up with canva

# 2 – If you have a Facebook account or a Google Account, click the appropriate button to speed up your account creation.

Otherwise click on “Sign up with Email” and follow the steps.

# 3 – In order that Canva offers you the best possible templates according to your needs, select the reason for the creation of your account between the following options:

Canva sign up completed

#4 – And it’s done.
You can now start to customize your visuals for your social media publications, for example.


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