Duplicate Services to Create Your Offer in Record Time

Product Features    |   Mar 14, 2019

Duplicate services

It is now possible to duplicate your services in few seconds, speeding up the process of building your service offer.

When Should You Use Duplicate Service

This feature will be useful whenever you are setting up a new booxi account, or you are adding a new range of services to your current account. So you can for example add a new Epilation service, Massage service, or Gun Range service, with a variety of duration and pricing. You’ll just need to create the first one, duplicate it and simply adjust a few things. It is also possible to duplicate several services, such as a full range of services that requires a few changes to become a brand new offer. A huge time saving!

How to Use Duplicate Service

To duplicate a service or a series of services, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select one or multiple services (maximum 10 at a time), by using the checkbox of each service in your service list.
  2. Click on the Action menu at the top of the list, and select Duplicate Service.
  3. Each duplicated service will start with «COPY» in its service name.
  4. Edit each of them and change the name or any other information.
  5. And it’s done, in less time!

Your booxi page will show those new services. By default, booxi sorts services and categories by date of creation. If you want to prioritize some of them (for example you could show first the most reserved services). You can easily do it by using the feature to reorder services and categories.

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