Export Your Clients List, Referral Data and Much More!

Product Features    |   Jul 08, 2016

In response to your requests, we’ve just released a new version of booxi, to improve your experience with several new features:

  • Export your clients list
  • Add a referral question
  • Offer services by phone or by video conference
  • Book appointments directly from a client record
  • Automatically send thank you messages to your clients after their appointments

Export Your Clients List

We’ve added a feature that allows you to export the contact details of all or a subset of your clients in CSV format (compatible with Excel and XLSX). With this new feature you can easily use the software of your choice (ex : http://mailchimp.com) to send emails for promotions, newsletters, or even invite inactive clients to come back.

You can export your clients list from the following criteria:

  • Clients whose birthday is soon.
  • Clients who recently had an appointment, or those who have not come for a long time.
  • Clients who had an appointment with a specific member of your personnel.
  • You can exclude customers who have requested not to receive emails.
  • You can include additional information on the frequency of appointment, cancellation, no-show, etc.

Complete the following steps :

  1. Click on the Clients section from the main menu on the left side to access your client list.
  2. Then click on the button at the top of the client list, and then on the Export the client list option.export the client list from booxi
  3. Adjust your export criteria to identify which clients and what information will be exported. For example to mark a birthday, bring back former clients, or to target the clients of a specific member of your personnel.
  4. Click on Export, and if everything went well, a pop-up with a link to download the CSV file should appear on the screen. If no client could be exported, review your export criteria.
  5. Click on the link Click here to download the exported clients and that’s it. You should receive the list at the bottom of your web browser.

choose criteria before the export
Add a Referral Question

To know how your clients heard about you, you can now choose to activate a referral question that will be asked to new clients. This question will be asked to your client when they book online, or to you when you add an appointment.
The answer will be available in the appointment form, and in the client details as well. You can also customize the question and its responses.

Complete the following steps :

  1. Click on the My Business section from the main menu, and then on the Appointment Rules sub-section.
  2. Scroll down to Enable the new client referral question and activate the option.
  3. Next you can customize the question and its responses. Don’t forget to click on Save to keep the changes you made.

enable referral question during online booking
The question will appear when a new client completes his first online appointment booking.

referral question for new customer

The client can select the option that best matches his situation, then click on the Send your answers button, and he’s done!

thank you message for answering online

If you book the appointment by phone, booxi allows you to answer the referral question on behalf of your client.

answer the referral question by phone

The answer is also available in the appointment form and in the client details. We will soon be offering a statistic report for the referral question answers.

Offer Services by Phone or by Video Conference

You can now offer and book appointments for remote services provided by phone or by video conference using booxi. Simply change the location of the service using the options By phone or By video conference which are offered in addition to the options At Home or At My Business.

Complete the following steps :
1. Click on the Services section from the main menu on the left side, then select a service.
2. Click on Service Details and change the location.
3. Do not forget to click Save to keep your changes.

location options for appointment

When adding or reviewing an appointment, you can specify a phone number for the location By Phone, and you can add a web link for the location By Video Conference in the Instructions section.This information will be incorporated in the appointment confirmation and reminder messages sent to clients.

Book Appointments Directly from a Client Record

To save even more time, booxi now provides you the ability to add an appointment directly from a client record.
To do so, simply click the New appointment button at the top right of the Client Summary.

add an appointment from client file

Automatically Send a Thank You Message After an Appointment

This new feature allows you to automatically send thank you emails to your clients once their appointment is completed.

Complete the following steps :

  1. Click on the My Business section from the main menu on the left, then on the sub-section Appointment Rules.
  2. Scroll down to Enable automated thank you message and activate the option. Click Save to keep your changes.

enable thank you message

The messages will be sent in the preferred language of the client, as soon as the appointment is completed. A small attention that greatly improves your customer experience.

thank you message

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