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Tutorials    |   July 11, 2016

As you know consumers increasingly spend time on social networks. Most of you, self-employed professionals and small business owners, probably already have a Facebook business page. The main reason for that, is to get additional visibility and new customers. Some of you may even receive appointment requests by Facebook messages which is time consuming as you and your customers may not always answer promptly.

Obviously, the main objective of this visibility is to get customers to book appointments.
Let’s see how to get more appointments with less effort using your Facebook Business Page.

How to Add Online Appointment Booking to Your Facebook Page?

If you already use an online appointment booking solution, like booxi, you can easily add online appointment booking directly from your Facebook Business page. It allows your customers to instantly book an appointment with you, so they won’t forget or book with your competitors. Some of you may still be using a paper calendar, so I would strongly suggest to take a look at a simple solution like booxi to enable online appointment booking and save hours off the phone. 20% of your customers will start booking online as soon as you have online booking, that is a 6 to 8 hours of time savings per month.

Some online appointment booking solutions give you the opportunity to confirm and control every online booking, as well as automatically send confirmation by emails for all your booking. In addition it can send reminders by emails or text messages (SMS). All these features save you a tone of time, decrease your no-shows, and improve the quality of your service.


Add online appointment booking directly from your Facebook page is a cinch.

Let’s start by copying your booxi URL

From your booxi account, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on My Business tab from the main menu.
  2. Click on Business Details.
  3. Scroll down to the section booxi site.booxi interface
  4. Select the URL and copy it to paste it later on Facebook.

Then let’s Add your Book Now button on Facebook

  • Open your Business Facebook Page and
  • Below your cover picture, you should find the option “Add a button”. If you have already added a call-to-action button, you should have access to the option “Edit Button” to replace this button, because you are allowed to have only one call to action at the same time.
  • Click on Add a Button or Edit Button to configure it.Facebook Online booking
  • The following pop-up will appear. Select Book Now among the button options.Facebook Book Buton
  • Paste your booxi URL. At the end of it, you can add ?book=now so the online appointment booking automatically appears.
  • Click on Create, if it is your first call to action on Facebook or on Save Changes if you just modified it.

And You’re Done!

Your customers can now book appointment online with you. From that point, you may post once a month an invitation to book appointments online, just to remind your customers that they can do it. This small addition will allow you to save a lot of time , and customers can even book outside your business hours, without leaving voicemail. How wonderful is that?

Make it easy for your customers to book with you by addind online booking directly on your Facebook page.

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