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Product Features    |   Jul 08, 2016


This is the first article of I hope many of them. This last two weeks, we have been working on some interesting features for you.

  • Open Booking
  • Receive appointment request by email
  • Appointment at home
  • And other improvements.

Open Booking

Many of you have express the fear to let go of your paper agenda where you preciously write down all your appointments to start using a software the very next day. Good news, you won’t have to. We made sure you can start to benefit from booxi one step at a time.

You can still use your paper agenda and receive appointment request from clients through your booxi web page. The client will not be present available time slots, but requested to provide up to 5 time slot of his availability. For example, a client wants a massage and would be free next Monday AM, Wednesday PM, Sunday all day and Tuesday of the following week at night. You get the request with his availability and compare your schedule to confirm a time that suits both of you. You write it down on your paper agenda and you’re done. That looks easy! It is and we call it Open Booking.

Now you can tell booxi to send you those request be email, or you can get them using the mobile app. The advantage in using the mobile is that if you confirm the appointment using it, booxi will send a confirmation email and reminders to the client, saving you some time.

Here you go, you benefit from your booxi web page, the online appointment feature, email confirmation and reminders, and all of that making very little change to the way you do thing today. Start there, you’ll love it!

Show your availability

Open Booking – Ask the client’s availability

You get the request by email

Or using the mobile app alerts

Receive appointment request by email

You may now tell booxi to forward all appointment online requests coming in, to your email address. That is useful only for those who have not yet unleashed the power of booxi and are still not using the mobile app on a daily basis, but are very proactive with their emails.

You may have some of your personnel that uses the mobile app and others that prefers to continue using their emails, so we made sure you can use that feature per personnel member.

Each personnel can decide how they get the requests

Appointment at Home

You can take appointment requests online for services that you offer at your client’s home by simply changing the location of the appointment in the service profile, from At work place (by default) to At home. This way the client will have to provide his home address or the address of where he expect to get the service at the end of the Book Now process.
More control over your booxi web page

We made a few improvements to your booxi web page.

For example, you may now show services that have no assigned personnel and disable the booking feature for a specific service or personnel. This allows you to show your complete service offer even if some are too complicated to book online, as well as present the whole team, even when some don’t accept online appointment booking.


For any services or personnel, you can disable online booking

What is coming up?

  • Hide the price of specific services.
  • Dispatch appointment requests to personnel instead of letting the client choose.
  • You will be able to change the 15 min Time Interval in book now.
  • We are awaiting an approval from Apple to update our iPhone version for business.
  • We are working hard on the upcoming web version of booxi for tablet and computers.
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