5 Easy Ways to Gain Customer Trust – Overcoming the Stigma of the Beauty Industry

Business Tips    |   Sep 26, 2017

trusted beauty salon Great customer service and professionalism should be the first things that pop into your head when reading the title.
Beyond that, there are some aspects that aren’t so obvious to everyone. When it comes to their personal appearance, customers want the best they can get and many are reluctant to venture toward new beauty salons in fear of having a disappointing, or worse, an unprofessional experience.

This article provides beauty salon owners with 5 easy (and actionable) ways on how to present their business as a modern and reliable establishment. From working with an efficiency-boosting POS system and automated appointment management system to paying close attention to the details of their salon’s physical and online aesthetic, beauty shop owners will access insightful suggestions to improve (or maintain) their image and gain new loyal customers.

1. Offer personal suggestions

Although customers expect your professional advice, they appreciate hearing about your personal experience with the products or services you’re selling. After all, everyone is different and sometimes practical feedback (as opposed to theoretical or technical) can be a little more relevant and relatable. Taking an interest in your client and connecting with them on a personal level shows them you care and you’re gathering the information you need to give them the best advice possible.

On the other hand, this also means you can’t shy away from giving your customer bad news; it’s ok if you’re unable to provide them with every solution in the book. There may come a time where you’ll need to point out that your product or company may not be the right fit for their needs. They’ll appreciate the honesty and you’ll be remembered as the one who gives real advice.

According to Simon Tooley, Founder & CEO at Maison Etiket, «if someone has that memorable experience, it’s not about the product they bought, it’s actually about [the] people they interacted with.» We couldn’t agree more.

2. Listen

Ever walked into a retail store with sales clerks selling on commission and get pestered about all kinds of products you’re just not interested in? Of course you have – and chances are you didn’t buy any of those items.

Learn from their mistakes; stick to what your customer is telling you and don’t push unrelated products on them. You won’t sell more and, in fact, you risk losing the entire sale over it. Your expert advice may have convinced a customer to purchase an item or service, but if you sound too eager to increase their basket size, your credibility is undermined and the first thing you sold them on may now be in jeopardy. Are you actually giving good advice or are you simply trying to make a quick sale and saying whatever it is you think they want to hear?

By keeping an open mind, customers will sense that you’ve got their best interests at heart and be much more receptive and trusting of your professional advice.

listen your customers

3. Unleash your psychic skills

This one applies to businesses who’ve cultivated their relationships with customers (which should be all of them!), who are knowledgeable of their offering and have their answers ready.

Chances are, most of your customers ask similar questions and those conversations often lead to the same solutions. Pay attention to what they’re saying, detect patterns in their purchasing behavior and needs, ask the right questions and predict what their next concern might be, addressing it with an easy solution before they even bring it up. Often, they won’t even know about this solution, which makes it your job to find it for them, «Ask them the questions to get to why they truly come.

Sometimes you have to dig a little», explains Simon Tooley. They’ll appreciate the thorough service and feel like they’re in good hands. For example, a client inquires about one of your services they’d like to try for the first time but they seem unconvinced of its value.

Instead of just providing them with the straight-forward answer, read between the lines, tell them about an upcoming discount on the service they should wait for and take advantage of.

4. Display positive reviews from other clients

Your customers are walking, talking, «free» adverts for your business – keep this in mind at all times and only make promises you can keep. A good way to ensure that is to enforce a «under promise, over deliver» rule.

As you may already know, freebies and surprises tend to make customers really happy and getting them to recommend you is one of the best things you can do for your business. Naturally, people are much more inclined to try and trust a business who already has the seal of approval from someone they know and trust. To make referrals happen, put systems and incentives in place. This can be something as simple as offering a small discount for every new client they bring in. Not only can this boost business, it’s also a great way to see how customers view your business and where to make adjustments.

5. Respond to crisis quickly

In the event of a crisis – an unhappy customer claiming he or she was misinformed, for example – don’t sit on your hands and hope the problem goes away (it never does).

Be decisive and respond quickly to show your customers you can be trusted. Remain objective and professional because a lot can be told about a business in the way they handle and remedy a tough situation. A customer’s journey has 3 parts: before, during and after, and it’s important not to neglect the last one as it holds all the power to make or break that customer’s overall experience and lasting perception.

Your product or service must be desirable with clear added value; however, without the customer’s trust, they’ll probably buy from someone else. Somebody they trust.

Athena Kyriacou a.k.a. Tina, is a Content Specialist at Lightspeed POS, based in Montreal, Qc. She describes creating content as «being in her happy place». After work hours you can find her spending time with her dog, editing videos for her youtube channel, advocating gender equality and then with her dog some more.

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