Generate Appointment Reports to Monitor Your business

Product Features    |   Oct 13, 2017

appointment reportReports are powerful tools to analyze your business, to take the right decisions, to know where you should focus your efforts and where there is room for improvement.

With booxi, you can now easily export reports from your appointments data, adjust your criteria and analyze them.

Here are key information your can extract from these reports:

  • Know which service is most appreciated by your customers.
  • Know the busiest periods (whether in terms of days of the week or schedules)
  • Visualize your employees’ performance
  • Determine who are your most regular customers
  • Make comparisons for all of these aspects, over different periods of time.

To do it, you have to realize the export. It’s very easy to do it:

  1. Sign in your booxi account and go on the Calendar Tab.
  2. Then click on the «More options» icon, and select the «Appointment Report» option.appointment export report
  3. Select the criteria and click on Export.Tips: To analyze only completed appointments, make sure to exclude all cancelled appointments and no-show appointments.export de rapport de rendez-vous
  4. Then click on the link «Click here to download the report».download report
  5. You can now open your file (you can find it at the bottom left of the window). Use Excel or Google Spreadsheet to open it and start to analyze the data that interest you.

Analysis of reports is crucial for your business management. This is an effective way to determine if your business is growing, stagnant or if you need to make some changes.

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