Online Booking is a Must to Get More Customers

Uncategorized    |   Apr 12, 2019

Online Booking is a Must to Get More Customers

Recent studies have shown a drastic change in customer behaviours and expectations. While booking an appointment via Facebook Messenger, chat and text message remains low, online booking has skyrocketed from 20% two years ago, to 69.8% of customers who now prefers to book online when available.

Customers expect Online Booking

Here are a few interesting statistics that tells you what customers expect and are looking for when choosing one service provider over another.

Booking an Appointment

prefers to book online Read
over the phone
using other methods


Choosing a Service Provider

of customers are likely to choose one service provider over another if they offer online booking
prefer to modify their appointment online instead of by phone


Getting a Reminder For a Booked Appointment

by text message
by email
by phone and other means



What is The Impact on Your Business

Businesses using a cloud based online booking solution see a significant improvement in their customer satisfaction, acquisition, retention and overall revenues because of the following reasons.

  • The convenience of booking online attract new customers
  • The automatic thank you, and recall to book a new appointment messages helps with customer retention
  • The online booking drastically reduces time spent on the phone, by 16 hours per employee/month
  • The automated email and text message reminder reduces no-shows from 13% to less than 2%

Impact on your revenues

average additional revenues per employee/year
average cost of the solution per employee/year (based on a 5 employee licence)
average ROI (cost of the solution vs additional revenues)


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