Get more customers by adding online appointment booking to Google My Business and Show that You Offer Online Services

Business Tips    |   Jun 28, 2017


Did you know that today 35% of customers would like to schedule appointments during non-business hours and that 25% of millennials (people under 35) will only book appointment online?

Then it’s obvious that online appointment booking is a competitive advantage and adding it on Internet is a strategic way to attract new customers.

The good news? You can now add online appointment booking directly on your Google My Business profile: a powerful tool to convert online visitors into customers.

How to do it?
The first step is to create your account on Google My Business.
If it’s not already done, here is a step by step tutorial to show you how to do it.

It’s easy to do it and free!


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Go to the “Posts” tab
posts tab google my business


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And click on the section «Write your post».
Create your message by adding a picture, a short text and the «Reserve» button. On the line add your booxi website link.

To find this link, sign in your booxi account and click on My Business tab, then on Business Details. Copy the link under the section «booxi site».


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Once it’s done click on Preview and then on Publish. And it’s live on Google, so it’s easy to convert your online visitors into customers!


Google My Business – Show Your Customers That You Have Online Services

As social distancing continues to become the new normal, customers will be on the lookout for businesses that offer online service such as:

  • Virtual appointment by video conference
  • Online classes
  • Click and Collect Services
  • Shopping appointments in store

Adding this feature to you Google Business page should be top of mind, especially since customers are researching business hours more than ever since most businesses have modified their business hours post-covid.

Google My business has outlined a few easy steps to activate this option.

  1. Sign in to Google My Business . If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Go to «Stay Connected during COVID-19.»
  4. Click the type of online service you want to update:
    • Online classes
    • Online appointments
    • Online estimates
  5. To show your business offers online services, click the checkbox.

Tip: You can also manage online attributes from the «Info» tab.

An attribute such as «Offers online services» will display prominently on your Business Profile. The attribute will appear for broad category searches and on specific Business Profiles on Google Maps and Google Search.

Attract more customers by letting them know they have the option to book services online which is tremendous added value in today’s reality.


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