Get More Visibility by Creating Your Business Facebook Page for Your Local Business

Business Tips    |   Jul 11, 2016

create a Facebook Page

Do the following and get more visibility and more appointments via Facebook :

  • Create your Facebook page for local business
  • Invite your friends
  • Add online appointment booking
  • Get visibility on your page by publishing posts

Statistics show that 85% of Canadian Internet users have a Facebook account, which means your customers are there and you have to be there as well. Plus, the Facebook business page is free.

Create Your Facebook Page

    1. To create a Facebook page for your local business, you must first have a personal Facebook account.
      • If you don’t, you can create one here : a facebook account
      • If you already have a Facebook account, simply log into your account with your email address and your password.log in your Facebook account
    2. Then click on Create Page from your account menu (small icon located on the top right of the page).create a page
    3. Choose the option Local Business or Place and follow the steps.local business or place
    4. Identify your Business by choosing the sector or area of activity that best represents your business and by providing all the requested information. Then Click on the Get Started button.set up your area of activities
    5. Set up your business, starting with the About section.
      In this section, you can type category names matching your business activities (to optimize search results), add a description of your service offer, add a link to your website if you have one, and finally reserve your unique Facebook web address. Don’t forget to check Yes to the question that asks if your business is real, else you will not be publicly visible. Then click on the Save Info button.set up your About Section
    6. Add a profile picture (or logo) from a file saved on your computer or from a website. Once it is done, click on the Save Photo button.set up your profile picture
    7. Then add your page to your Favorites for easier access by clicking the green Add to Favorites button.add your page to favorites
    8. Once it is done, you must claim your business by checking the Claim box, and by checking «I am authorized to represent these Pages». Then click on the Claim Pages button.claim your business page
    9. Finally, identify your Preferred Page Audience, by configuring which people you want to communicate with. Facebook will use this information to better target to whom it will display your publications. Select a choice for Locations, Age, Gender, Interests and Languages, and then click on the Save button.set up your preferred page audience
    10. And that’s it ! Your page is created !

Invite Your Friends

Now you can invite your friends to like your page by clicking on Promote and then on Invite Your Friends from the dropdown menu.

promote your facebook page
invite friends to like your page

Add Online Appointment Booking to Your Facebook Page

Add online appointment booking directly on your Facebook page by
Here is a short step by step tutorial to learn how to do it.

add online appointment booking to your Facebook page


Get Visibility on Your Page by Publishing Posts

Now we recommend you to regularly publish posts on your page, in order to keep it active. Don’t forget that you can edit your Page whenever you want. For example, you can regularly modify your profile and cover pictures.

Of course your business Facebook page is a showcase for your actual business, so we suggest you stay professional and pay special attention to spelling.


If you are self-employed and your business Facebook page contains your name, it is good practice to put your personal account in private, to avoid confusion for customers who will make a search using your name.

To find out more articles like this one, we invit you to join the booxi community on Facebook.

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