How to get new customers with Local Awareness Ads: A guide for Small Businesses

Business Tips    |   Jun 05, 2017

local awareness adsA study performed by Google showed that 4 out of 5 consumers want personalized ads based on their city, postal code or immediate environment. This represents a great business opportunity for small business owners.

You can take advantage of these findings by using local awareness ads from Facebook to target potential customers that live close to your business. Facebook ads are simple to use and allow you to manage your budget with ease (for example, you can set a limit of $5/day). In order to increase the chances of driving targeted people to your salon, give them a good reason to click on your ads and interact with your business. One thing you can do is offer them a promotion on one of your services or products.

Let’s show you how to create and set up your first local awareness ads.
Before you create a promotion to attract new customers, you need to make sure you exclude your current customers from the targeted audience.

This video explains how to create a customized audience. We’ll then show how you to make sure your current customers don’t receive your Facebook ads.

Once it’s finished, let’s start creating your ad:

  1. Access the Power Editor.
  2. Next, choose your marketing objective by selecting the «Reach» option. Then give your campaign a
    If it’s not already done, set up your account and click «Continue».

    account settings

  3. In this section, you’ll be able to exclude your current customers from targeting.
    Just click on the «Exclude» link and select the audience you decided on at the beginning of this guide.exclude-current-client-list
    Then, to promote your business at the local level, check the box that says “Use the location of your Facebook page to reach people near your business”.
    You can also determine your advertising radius, and even include or exclude specific neighborhoods.

    local awareness
    At this stage you can also determine if you want to target the people who live in the area, the people who were recently in the area, the people traveling through the area or everyone in this area.

    You can then refine the audience you want to reach by adding specific criteria. For example, you can target by:
    – Age
    – Gender
    – Language
    – You can even target people based on interests, behaviours or the type of connection with your business (for example you can decide to include or exclude your fans).You can save the target audience you just created for future use.


  4. You can request automatic placements by Facebook or make your own settings. All you need to do is determine where you want to show your ads.
  5. Finally, determine the budget for your ad and when it’ll run.budget-and-schedules
    Once you’ve set all the criteria, click «Continue».
  6. You can now create the visual for your ad.Be sure to make your offer precise. It must be easy to understand and easy to apply.
    For example, you could offer a 25% discount on a service or advertise a giveaway.Once you’ve determined your offer, create an image for your ad.

    It could be really simple. An image that illustrates your service(s) is often enough.

    Depending on your ad, choose the appropriate format (carousel, single image, single video or slideshow).
    Here’s an example:

    ads exampleIt’s really important that you add a call to action, which is simply a button that encourages people to interact with your ad.
    For example, if you offer online appointment booking, make sure to direct the targeted audience to the link that lets them book online.
    In addition, by using an appointment tool you’ll be able to review appointment history – and then you’ll be able to verify if a person is actually a new customer.

    To go even further:

    Some appointment tools let you ask your customers how they heard about your business while they’re booking online.
    It’s a good way to track how many new customers you’ve attracted thanks to your ad. In turn, you’ll be able to measure your return on investment.


  7. Once everything’s done, click on the “Place Order”
  8. Then add your credit card information:credit-card-info
  9. Click on «Continue» and you’re done.

There – you’ve just created your first local awareness ad to attract new clients.

You can let it run for a week for two (or however long your test period is) and then analyze your return on investment at the end of it. Depending on how many new customers you attracted, you can adjust your Facebook ad as needed and keep testing.

complete ads example

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