How can I use my booxi URL?

Tutorials    |   July 8, 2016

Now that you are the lucky owner of a booxi website, you can take full advantage of it by making good use of your URL, meaning the unique web address that was reserved for you.

  • Your unique and personalised URL
  • Where to find your URL ?
  • Where to use it ?

Your unique and personalized URL

booxi has reserved for you, a unique URL that you can share everywhere, as if it was a domain name like booxi created a simple and short URL that matches your business name and looks like that:

You can use this URL as the address for your main website, and put it on your business card, post it on social networks, or include it in your emails. If you have another website, and it does not yet have the Book Now button, you may want to use your booxi website as much as possible so your clients can book appointments.

Where to find your URL?

You can find your booxi URL within your Business Details, or in your booxi website using the following steps.

  1. Go to your booxi website using FIND A BUSINESS.
  2. Click on Share this page
  3. Copy-Paste the URL (Copy this link) or click on 
  4. You can now paste the link wherever you want.

Where to use it?

The objective is to increase your visibility, and get more people to book appointment with you. Paste your URL in all the posts you do on your facebook or google plus pages; add it to your classified ads; and add it to profiles you create in any online directory. You should also make sure to add it to your email template or email signature, so it is in every email you send.

This way clients will have an easy access to your website, and an easy access to book every time you communicate with them.

Things to remember:

  • Your unique URL can be used as your own domain name.
  • Use it everywhere so people can easily find you and book appointments with you.
Astrid Bertout
Digital Marketing | Customer Success
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