How do I share booxi with my staff?

Tutorials    |   July 8, 2016

This article is about the benefits of sharing booxi with your team and the best way to do it.

  • The Benefits
  • Sharing booxi with your personnel is easy
  • Sign up for free personnel account
  • You can limit the access

Now that you have the booxi advantage, you can multiply its benefits by sharing booxi with the rest of your team. Sharing booxi with your personnel will save you lots of time and make your life easier.

The benefits

Running a company gives you lots of responsibilities and often makes you the only person managing the schedules and appointments for everyone. You spend hours managing appointments, trying to satisfy everybody and answering schedule questions because your employees don’t always have access to the information.
Now that you are using booxi, you can save time and be more efficient in the way you book appointments. Share the task, or at least give everyone access to their schedule, at anytime from their personal smartphone.

Sharing booxi with your staff will enable them to manage their own appointments, plus you instantly see the changes they make, or the appointments they add, no matter where they are or where you are. They can also modify their availability and you automatically see it in their calendar. This way, you avoid double booking and save time off the phone, as they stop calling to enquiry about their schedule.

You always have control over everyone’s schedule as you will still be able to manage all schedules, whether or not your personnel uses booxi.

Sharing booxi with your personnel is easy

To share booxi and let your employees manage their own appointments, you must invite them. The invitation to join your business on booxi will allow them to sign up for a free Personnel account. Once this is done, they should be able to use booxi on a desktop computer from home, a tablet or their smartphone (iPhone and Android) no matter where they are.

Their access to booxi will be secured with the email and a password of their choice. You can always block this access at anytime.

To invite a member of your personnel to use booxi, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in your booxi account
  2. Select the profile of this person from your list of personnel
  3. Click on Invite to join booxi
  4. Once the invitation is sent (to the email address that appears in their profile), the button will change to Resend the invitation
  5. Once this person has started using booxi, the button will change to Using booxi

Sign up for a free Personnel account

The person you invited will receive an invitation email with a code that will be required to join your business. That person simply needs to follow the steps instructed in the invitation email.

The invitee will be instructed to:

  1. Click on the sign up link embedded in the invitation email, or go to the booxi website, click on Sign up, and choose to sign up with an invitation.
  2. Enter the email address and a password he wishes to use to access his booxi account (sign in).
  3. Enter the email address at which he has received the invitation.
  4. Enter the code provided in the invitation.
  5. And click on Continue.

Once the sign up is completed, the new user will receive a welcome message. This user will be able to sign in using the email and password he provided and access his booxi account from a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone.

Your personnel has limited access to booxi

Keep in mind that when sharing booxi with your personnel, they have access to features and data, but not all of it.
What your personnel can access:

  • Manage their own profile (details, schedule and rules)        Yes
  • View and edit their own appointments and alerts                                              Yes
  • View and add new appointments for other personnel                                         Yes
  • Consult your business details, service offer and personnel       Yes
  • Edit your business details, service offer and other personnel       No
  • View your business performance data    No

We are currently working on enabling you to decide what each person can do or not do.

Things to remember:

  1. Personnel accounts are free.
  2. You must send invitations for personnel to join your business.
  3. They have access to their appointment calendar at all time and from their smartphone.
  4. You can block their access at any time and no data is kept on their devices. All the data is in the cloud protected by your email and password.
  5. You will save time and have a better organization
Astrid Bertout
Digital Marketing | Customer Success
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