How to easily improve communication with your clients?

Business Tips    |   Jul 08, 2016


Let’s see how booxi does it, so you understand when and what messages are sent to your clients throughout the booking process.

  • What messages does booxi send ?
  • When are the messages sent ?

Managing appointments is all about communication, and booxi enables you to communicate easily and clearly with your clients in a way that increases the quality level of your service and saves you lots of time.
Confirmation Email with booxi

From the moment you book for a client or a client self-book an appointment with you using booxi, the communication flow starts with the objective of informing and assisting your client. Messages are automatically sent via email or SMS, and no effort is required on your part, although you still have control over this. The choice of email or SMS is determined by the client preferences and the importance of the message.

These preferences can be specified by you when you book an appointment for your client or by your client when he self-books online. You may also modified these preferences in your client record.

What messages does booxi send?

booxi sends messages according to the appointment’s status, so clients always receive comprehensive messages such as confirmation, rescheduling, cancellation, reminders and other notifications. We have included a list of the most important messages at the end of this article.

Some messages will ask your client to confirm a time or a change, while others will simply inform your client, providing him with the possibility of rescheduling or cancelling the appointment. These messages include buttons (with web links) for your client to use, to perform these actions, and instantly notify you in booxi. These simple options will save you valuable time off the phone.

  • Your clients get all appointment details handy.
  • They can modify or cancel an appointment (optionally).
  • You can add notes to any appointment to inform your client.
  • You can get them to confirm without picking up the phone.

When are messages sent?

Confirmation and notification messages are sent as soon as the appointment changes while reminders are sent at a specific time, which you can configure.

A confirmation is sent when you approve an appointment request, and notifications are sent whenever you modify, reschedule or cancel an appointment with the option to notify the client (which is by default).

  • You can change the delay for the reminder (by default it is 24 hours before the appointment).
  • You can decide for each appointment to send or not send a notification message (by default, it won’t send it).


Sending reminders to your clients is one of the most effective ways to prevent no shows. Every time an appointment is booked using booxi, you make sure the client will show up.

Both email and SMS reminders provide the time and the address of the appointment which also saves you time, since statistics shows that many customers call to get the address just before their appointments.


Here is a list of some of the messages booxi sends.

Messages Emails SMS
A confirmation of reception is sent when a client books online an appointment that requires your approval. This message will inform the client of the next steps to expect. X
An appointment confirmation is immediately sent when the appointment is approved manually by you or automatically by booxi (if you told booxi to do so). X X
If you reschedule or modify an appointment, a notification message is sent to the client. If the appointment has not been modified with the client on the phone, you can ask the client to confirm the change using the buttons embedded in the email. This will save you some time off the phone. SMS are only sent for reschedule (if you told booxi to do so). X X
A notification is sent to inform the client that the appointment has been canceled (if you told booxi to do so). SMS are only sent for last minute cancellations. X X
Reminders are sent sometimes before the appointment to remind the client of the time and place of the appointment and make sure the appointment is not missed. X X

Things to remember:

  • Clients love email and SMS confirmations and reminders.
  • You save lots of time with the automated communications of booxi.
  • Reminders help reducing no shows.
  • Communication increases your quality of service.
  • You still have control over it.
  • Use booxi for all your appointments, save time and make no-shows history.

Send email and SMS to your customers : save a lot of time and improve your communication with your clients.

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