How to Create Your Business Instagram Account : a Step by Step Guide

Tutorials    |   Jul 05, 2017

create your instagram account
Learn how to create your Instagram account by following this step by step guide.

  1. From your smartphone, go on your Apple Store or on your Google Play, search for the Instagram application and download it. Once it’s done, open the app and start to create your the app
  2. It’s easy to sign up: enter your phone number or your email address.
    Add your business name, your password, a picture (you can change it later) and click on Next.
    Then create a user name and click on Next.set-up-your-account
  3. You can now find contacts with the option “Connect to Facebook”.
  4. Then Instagram will make some suggestions, based on the most popular accounts.
  5. Then you can try the professional features, specific for businesses accounts. Use a Professional Profile to add your business phone number, your business address and your business email address.
    You have also access to a Statistic section to analyse which post perform better. This is very useful to optimize your account.
    Finally the Promotion section allows you to create promotions to get more visibility and more followers.switch to business profile
  6. To activate the professional account on Instagram, link your Instagram account with your business Facebook Page.
    To do it, click on “Log in with Facebook”, then click on “Ok” in the “Confirm Login” page.
    Then you can select the Facebook page associated with this Instagram to your facebook page
  7. You can then set up your business profile by adding useful information. And now you have access to your profile.
    Now make sure to publish picture on a regular basis.
    No inspiration? Here is a guide with 12 ideas.
  8. Once you publish on a regular basis and you have determined you strategy, you can follow your account metrics.
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