How to Integrate the Book Now Button in Your Website

Tutorials    |   February 21, 2017

Integrate book now button in your websiteThis article guides you through simple steps to easily add online booking to your website. It also provides you with useful links to generate the Javascript code that best suites the website creation tool you are using.

Book Now works prety much for any kind of website, no matter if it is custom made or if it was created using a website creator/builder/designer tool. Book Now is also responsive and will work just fine with most mobile devices.

Use One of Our Tutorials and Code Generators

If you know what tool was used to create your website, you can use one of the links below, and simply follow the tutorial steps.wordpress logo

If you have no idea what tool was used to create your website, or if it is not covered by the links listed before, use the generic tutorial below.

You Can Fully Customize Your Book Now Button

booxi allows you to fully customize your button, so it matches perfectly your brand. If you are familiar with Javascript and CSS, use this article to find out how to customize it.

Have Someone Else Do It For You

We thought you might simplify things even more by sending an email to your web developer with all the required information. So we added a small Share button next to your API key, which will ask you for an email address and send an automated email with your API key and a link to this article. You will find this Share button in My Business, Business Details and scrolling down to your API Key.

send my API key pop up

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