How to retain a customer who wants to leave?

Are you dealing with an unhappy customer who wants to leave? By properly managing a customer's departure, you will be in a better position to know how to retain a client who wants to leave in the future. Learn how to establish a positive departure and prioritize the customer experience by seeking to understand the reasons for their departure, knowing how to thank them, and focusing on their possible return.

Understand their reasons for wanting to leave

In order to be able to prevent a customer from leaving, it is essential to understand the reasons for their departure. In the case of a decline in budgets or the influence of a competitor, you have few options. However, in the case of a poor customer experience, you need to establish a way to gather this information before your customer wants to leave.

Put in place the necessary tools to receive customer feedback and answer their complaint effectively. This can be done through post-booking surveys or through an appointment with an associate. Facilitate the discussions about the quality of your services with an appointment scheduling software, which will allow your customers to keep in touch with you through a privileged relationship. On the other hand, you will be able to keep in touch with them regularly and create the best customer experience possible.

Of course, once you've collected this feedback, make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure that your customers don't have to complain about the same problem more than once. You must put in place rules to prevent the friction points experienced by some customers from happening once again.

Thanking your customer who wants to leave

You are not able to retain your client from leaving even after having adapted your services to their needs? Then, make sure you provide a great customer experience all the way through, and thank your customer as warmly as possible. Whether they have been with you for several years or a few weeks, they have put their trust in you.

Indeed, if the customer retention is no longer possible, make sure to leave them a good impression such that they will still recommend your services for potential customer acquisitions. A satisfied customer is much more likely to recommend your services to their personal or professional entourage, which gives you a better e-reputation and a capital of trust much more important than any other communication vector.

Tell them they are always welcome if they change their mind

Finally, extend the customer retention process even when they leave by explaining that they can come back and use your services again if they want to. Some departures are not necessarily related to a customer who is unhappy with your services, but rather to circumstances beyond your control. So, subtly explain to your customer that if the situation changes, you would be happy to collaborate with them again.

By leaving the door open, you allow your former clients to return if their reasons for leaving were temporary, or if they are not satisfied with the services that are now replacing yours.

How to prevent a client from wanting to leave in the future?

By improving your communications in terms of customer relations, you can acquire the information needed to know how to retain a customer who wants to leave.

To encourage positive customer relationships and retention through in-store visits, consider integrating a click-and-collect solution with an appointment scheduling software. By implementing this tool into your services, you can facilitate in-store pickup and encourage additional purchases, all while allowing your personnel to prepare in advance and offer customers a personalized in-store experience.

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