How to Use the booxi Book Now Widget With

Tutorials    |   July 20, 2016 + booxiYour booxi Book Now button can be easily added to your website using this step by step tutorial. This will allow you to offer online appointment booking directly in your website.

The use of the Book Now widget requires a booxi account and a valid API key.

Getting Your API Key

You can find your API key in your booxi account following these simple steps.

  1. To find your API key simply sign in your account
  2. Go to My Business from the left menu
  3. Access your business details by clicking on the Business Details section
  4. Scroll down until you see the API Key field
  5. Copy the code (select all, right-click, copy)

api key
Integration Instructions

Once you have your API key, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your website manager / builder tool.
  2. Use the booxi Widget Generator page to generate the code that you will copy/paste in your website.
  3. In the Outil de creation menu, select the Settings tab.
  4. In Settings, from the top left menu, select Advanced.
  5. In Settings / Advanced select section Edit Metadata.edit meta data option
  6. Copy the widget script from booxi Widget Generator page.
  7. Paste the widget script in the Edit Metadata text box.
  8. Click on Add and Save your site.edit-meta-data-popup
  9. Next, select the location on your page where you wish to add the Book Now button.
  10. Click on the HTML button to add a script block at that now localisation
  11. Copy the button code from booxi Widget Generator page.
  12. Paste the button code (this an example):

    <div class=”bx_book_btn” data-lang=”fre” data-key=” API KEY “></div>

  13. Click Update and Save the page.html source editor
  14. If you are using the internal iFrame option (from the booxi Widget Generator page), you must place the following additional line of code in your footer: <div id=”bx-viewport”></div>html-source-editor-iframe
  15. Save and Publish your site, and the Book Now button should be working perfectly. Your business must be online (in booxi) to be able to use the Book Now button.

You’re done! If you have any problem, please read carefully the booxi Widget Generator guidelines, or contact us via email for assistance.

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