iPhone App – Improved Calendar

Product Features    |   July 8, 2016


Thanks for your patience with our iPhone mobile app updates. This update will improve your agenda view and ensure that you always see the details of appointments when new types of appointment are added to booxi.

  • Improved Agenda View
  • New Types of Appointment

Improved Agenda View

Depending on how you manage your availability, our previous mobile app was not always efficient. We have improved it to better display your daily appointments.

  • If you have appointments on top of available time slot, booxi will now split the time slots in parts, displaying what is still available and your appointments without overlaps; making it easier to track time.
  • New appointment types that are not yet supported by the mobile app will now be displayed as regular appointments instead of busy time slot; providing you more information.


New Types of Appointment

We often add new features to booxi; which sometimes leaves the mobile app behind. The result is that new types of appointment like the multi-service appointment can’t be accessed using the mobile app. We fixed this for now and the future, by always providing you at least the details of the new appointment type, but limiting its editing to the appointment time only.

  • Support for new and future appointment types
  • Display new appointment types in the agenda view


Astrid Bertout
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