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Attracting Highly Qualified Traffic In Store and Online with Appointment Booking
Business Tips   |   May 12, 2021
While more and more customers are opting for online shopping, many would still like to make their way to the store as long as they’re offered a safe experience. How can business owners optimize their business process in order to properly capture a lead and convert more rapidly? Properly Directing Customers to booxi Appointment Booking […] Read more
Customer Spotlight : Beauties Lab
Customer Spotlight   |   May 11, 2021
Tell me a little about Beauties Lab and how it got started. Above everything, I am a makeup artist.  I’ve been working in the beauty industry for 15 years. I started an online magazine in 2016, and I decided in January 2019 to give a physical dimension for this online store . In May 2019, […] Read more
How to Use Service and Location Filter Tags
Product Features   |   Feb 16, 2021
Adding online booking to your website is an amazing conversion opportunity. Statistics show that 70% of consumers are looking at online booking options on your website; therefore you should take that opportunity to convert them into an appointment, before they leave your website. We can help you maximize this opportunity by allowing you to position […] Read more
Integrate booxi Appointment Booking with Square
Partners   |   Feb 05, 2021
Square is a great payment tool that allows business owners of all sizes easily accept payments, whether it’s with a terminal, a reader with a contactless chip, or a reader for magstripe. Two Powerful Tools Working Together As a business owner, the ability to leverage two powerful tools, one for appointment booking and the other […] Read more
How to Use Online Booking in the Golf Industry: booxi Appointment Booking for Golf Lessons and Practice Simulators
Business Tips   |   Feb 02, 2021
booxi was designed with one very important purpose in mind: best customers and user experience by a user-friendly and highly efficient solution that is compatible with virtually every business type. Just like 70% of consumers, golf amateurs also want the option to book online, and receive an automated reminder; afterall, golf is all about the […] Read more
Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business In the Retail and Service Industry
Business Tips   |   Jan 11, 2021
When you’re running a small business, one of the most important factors is time management. Something to consider is by using the right tools, you can organize your day better and be as efficient as possible, increase your revenue without increasing work hours.  One of the many advantages of using a software such as booxi […] Read more
Customer Spotlight Interview: Beachside
Customer Spotlight   |   Dec 18, 2020
Tell me a little bit about Beachside and how it got started. BEACHSiDE began with a vision to continue on the legacy of a company that has been on the island for 19 years back in March of 2017. The vision, conceived by Anna and Jason Watkin, was to restore an old building to its […] Read more
Survive and Thrive as Quebec Imposes Capacity Restrictions to Stores and Malls
Business Tips   |   Dec 03, 2020
In order to control Holiday crowds, the government has imposed tighter restrictions in the retail industry. Beginning Friday December 4th, 2020, merchants will have to limit the number of customers in their stores and display it in a clear and visible manner. New Guidelines In order to know the maximum number allowed in your store, […] Read more
Small Change, Big Returns: Why Using booxi Helps You Work Smarter
Business Tips   |   Nov 30, 2020
There are numerous benefits to implementing everything booxi has to offer. Given the recent changes in customer behavior due to the growing number of online sales during the pandemic, there is no better time than now to add appointment booking to your retail business. You can easily provide the experience that today’s consumers are expecting […] Read more
Avoiding In-Store Lineups with booxi
Business Tips   |   Nov 06, 2020
As the Holiday season quickly approaches, an important issue to keep in mind is controlling the amount of people in-store, without jeopardizing the customer experience. Many people still enjoy walking into a physical store, having the option to touch and feel items and seeing them up close. Additionally, some prefer to get assistance by someone […] Read more
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