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group management

You can now schedule groups and accept booking for more than one person. All you have to do is to add an available time slot for a group with a maximum of attendees in the calendar of one of your personnel. This article shows you how to plan and manage group scheduling.

  • Group Scheduling
  • Booking Management
  • Online Appointment Booking for Groups

Group Scheduling

You must first create a service for your class or activity, as you usually do for a service appointment, except that you have to select Group Reservation for the booking type. Once the group service has been created, you can schedule group availability by adding Group Availability Time Slots in the calendar of one of your personnel.

  1. Go to the calendar of the personnel who offers the group service (the class or activity).
  2. Right-click on a specific time slot in the calendar, or click on the Add Reservation button located at the top right of the calendar.

    add new group availability

  3. If needed, adjust the personnel selection, the date and the time.
  4. Select the group service to offer and if needed adjust the duration.
  5. Now, adjust the capacity (maximum number of attendees).
  6. Then click on Save. The group is now scheduled and customers can book online.

To go back and modify the group details, simply click on the group time slot in the calendar and click on the Modify button located next to the details at the top of the form.

modify group reservations

Booking Management For a Group

You can get reservations from online bookings and phone requests. Each online booking, and reservation request by phone will automatically reduce the number of available places. Also, each booking or reservation can include several attendees.

List of Reservations and Attendees
To see the list of reservations and attendees of a group, simply open that group by clicking on its time slot in a personnel’s calendar. You will see the counts of available, booked, and total places (the capacity), followed by the list of all reservations and attendees for that group. The names of the customers who booked and the attendees will also be displayed.

The color of the vertical lines and icons show you the state of each reservation and attendee, where green indicates the approved ones and purple the no shows.

not attendee Customer doesn’t participate, he only made the reservation.
attendee Customer will be attending too.
clientarrive Attendee is present (client arrived).
noshow Attendee is missing (no-show).

Change the Status of Reservations and Attendees
You can select multiple reservations and cancel them at once. You can also, once group has started, select multiple attendees and change their status to Client has arrived and No-show.

group reservations status

Add a Reservation
You can take reservations by phone and add them in booxi by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to the calendar, and find the time slot associated with the desired group. Click on the group time slot to open its reservation list. You can also simply click on the New Appointment button at the top right of the calendar, and select a group service to find the desired scheduled group.
  2. Then click on the button located at the top of reservation list for this group.

    add a reservation

  3. Once in the Add Reservation form, adjust the number of attendees and the price per person, if needed .
  4. Click on Options to access the options allowing you to disable sending messages to the attendees (for a surprise or a gift) and to add a note with the reservation.

    add reservation details

  5. Enter a partial name or a phone number to find the client within your client list, or complete all client information if it is a new client. booxi will automatically add the client to your client list.
  6. Adjust the preferences for the reminder (by email or SMS).
  7. If the person requesting the reservation is not an attendee, you can uncheck the option Customer is attending.
  8. Complete all attendees information starting with the name and optionally the email address to get a reminder by email, then the mobile phone number to get a reminder by SMS. Don’t forget to select the reminder preferences.
  9. For each attendee, you can add a note for additional requests (such as for allergies).add additional request
  10. Once everything is completed, click on Save to add the reservation. If an error occurs, a message will appear with an an explanation. In some cases, such as when exceeding the capacity, you will have the opportunity to decide if you accept the booking anyway, or modify it.

Quickly Find a Group

When you take a reservation over the phone, you can find the requested group using two different options. For example, to find the Monday 4 PM group with Nataly, you can simply open Nataly’s calendar at the requested date and immediately find the group you are looking for, or click on New Appointment and choose a group service. If you have many employees and lots of groups, the second option will be faster.

Here are the steps to use the second option:

  1. Click on the New Appointment button located at the top right of your calendar to open the new appointment form.
  2. Select a group service and the form will transform into a group search form.
  3. Select a specific personnel or All personnel to see all scheduled groups.
  4. Specify a starting date and time to list the groups available for the requested period.
  5. Each group will be listed with a date, time, personnel and places left. Simply select the desired group.
  6. Click on Add Reservation at the top of the form and you will be directed to the New Reservation form for that group. Now follow the steps described earlier in this article for making a new reservation.

    find a group availability

Attendance Record
You can keep the attendance record simply by selecting reservations or attendees in the list and changing their status to Client Arrived. Use the button at the top of the list to do so.

You can also print an attendance list using the button at the top of the list, and selection the option Print Attendance List.

Online Appointment Booking for Groups

Your customers will now be able to easily book online with you for one or many attendees, from your booxi page, facebook or your website. To do so, they will have to complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Book Now button.
  2. Select the desired group service (or activity).
  3. Adjust the number of attendees.
  4. Select a date.
  5. Select a time among the time slots that you have scheduled.
  6. Complete the client information, as it’s done for usual appointment.
  7. If the client choose to make a reservation for someone else, or if there is more than one attendee, the customer will have to complete the required information for each attendee.
  8. For each attendee, enter a full name, and optionally an email address or a mobile phone number, preferences for the reminder (by email or SMS) and if needed, add an additional request.

    group reservation online

The client who made the reservation will then receive a confirmation, and the attendees will receive a reminder by email or SMS. Finally, with booxi it’s easy to manage reservations for group activities.


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