Manage the availability of resources such as rooms and equipments for your appointments

Product Features    |   Jul 08, 2016

With booxi, you now have the ability to manage the availability of resources like rooms and equipments. You view the calendar of availability of each resource and reserve a resource for an appointment.

  • Resource Management
  • Resource Calendar
  • Reserve a Resource

Resource Management

You have access to the list of your resources from the main menu, and can add new resources by clicking on the button. To modify, simply select the resource from the list.

section resources in booxi

Each resource has a name and a capacity, a list of services requiring this type of resource, a weekly availability schedule, and appointment rules.

resource creation

The appointment rules allow you to share the resource’s calendar with the personnel, and adjust the appointment interval.

Resource Calendar

You can access the calendar of each resource by clicking on the calendar selection, the same way you access each personnel’s calendar. From the choice of personnel’s calendar, click on the resource tab to access the choice of resource, and select a resource. You can also add a mix of resource and personnel calendars in your week view.

resource calendar

Reserve a resource

When you add an appointment to your calendar, you can now select and reserve a resource for this appointment, the same way you do for the personnel. Simply click on the list of resources and select one. The list will also show you the availability of the resource according to the time of the requested appointment.

link an appointment with a resource

Once the resource is selected and the appointment is added, booxi will add the reservation to the selected resource’s calendar. If the reservation cannot be completed, booxi will advise you of the problem.

That’s it, as simple as that! You can now relieve yourself of the headache of manage resource availability.

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