Save a lot of time by managing all your appointments with booxi.

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This article is about the benefits of using booxi to manage all your appointments.

  • Using both a paper agenda and booxi
  • The benefits of using booxi to manage all your appointments
  • Build a clientele
  • You set the rules, booxi does the job
  • Managing your work schedule
  • Managing your availability
  • You keep the control

Change is good, change is opportunity, however change requires will and time to adapt. The good news is that booxi requires very little change in the way you do things; while it brings so much in return. Going from a paper agenda to a software one can be seen as a big step for some of us, but the benefits are too important to spend one more day without it.

Using both a paper agenda and booxi

booxi gives you the flexibility to manage your appointments your way, which means that you always stay in full control. However you can choose to do it in the most efficient way and save lots of time or progressively and start with continuing to use both your paper agenda and booxi at the same time.

Some professionals choose to use booxi just to get appointment requests. They get online without displaying their availability, they receive appointment requests from clients, confirm them in booxi or with the client on the phone, and they write down the appointments in a paper agenda.

With this method:

  • Clients can’t choose the exact time of their appointment as booxi does not show your availability.
  • Only the clients booked in booxi can benefit from email/SMS confirmation and reminders.
  • It is also impossible to share schedule information with your team.
  • You won’t get a full client list in booxi and incomplete appointment history.
  • On the other hand, you keep using your paper agenda.

The benefits of using booxi to manage all your appointments

The most efficient way to manage your appointments is to use booxi for all of them. Both you and your clients will greatly benefit from that.

How do your clients benefit from booxi when they book with it?

  • They can see what is your availability, and pick the time slot that best suits them.
  • They can book at anytime, even when you are closed, without going through the unpleasant voice mail exchange game.
  • They receive a confirmation and a reminder message via email or SMS.

offer online appointment booking to your customers

How do you benefit from booxi when you use it for ALL your appointments?

  • You automatically build a clientele as booxi makes sure to create a client record for all your clients.
  • You can track appointments history for each client – which means better service, metrics and marketing.
  • You can save even more time, by telling booxi to automatically confirm appointments – in respect with your appointment rules.
  • Your team has access to their updated schedule at all time – you save time, and prevent schedule conflicts, and double booking.
  • All your clients get confirmations and reminders – which greatly contribute to reduce no shows and calls to inquire about the address.


Build a clientele

Whenever you add an appointment for a new client, booxi automatically creates a client record and start keeping track of his appointments. This way, you know when was his last visit, what service was given and who took care of him. Knowing your client helps improving the service quality and build better relationships. You can leverage your client list (CRM) by analyse it (booxi will do it for you) and target specific clients to send them messages and promotions by email. Use for retention, fidelity or to get back old clients.

Track appointment history

You set the rules, booxi does the jobappointment rules

booxi manages your availability and can automatically confirm appointments according to your rules. You can define those rules for your business in general, a specific service or a specific member of your personnel.

Here are a few examples of these rules:

You can display your availability online or ask the clients to provide some when they book online. Displaying your availability saves you lots of time; while asking the client’s availability gives you more control.

  • Disable the personnel selection for a specific service, so you can dispatch appointments yourself and better balance the workload.
  • Prevent last minute bookings or bookings too much time in advance by setting limits.
  • Confirm appointments automatically, manually or after a delay.

You basically keep control over your availability, appointments and personnel according to your rules.

Managing your work schedule

You can define your work schedule by using the open business hours, define a weekly schedule per personnel or by simply adding available time slots to your calendar on a weekly/biweekly basis. For example, if one week you decide to open on a Sunday because a special event is coming, you can add an available time slot of 8 hours for that specific date.

Managing your availability

booxi identifies your availability by first looking at your work schedule, adding any available time slot you may have added to your calendar, and finally, removing all occupied time slots whether they are busy slots or appointments. When booking an appointment, your clients will not be able to see nor book occupied time slots. Using only booxi for all your appointments keeps your schedule accurate at all time. If you still use a paper agenda, you may have to keep your booxi calendar updated manually.

Enter your work schedule

work schedule

Add any extra availability

available slot

Add any busy time

busy time

Calculate booked appointments


Equals : Availability

booxi will evaluate your schedule, existing appointments and time blocks to calculate your actual available.

You keep the control

No matter what the appointment rules and availability schedules are, you can always decide to bypass them, double book, book outside your work hours or book whenever you want, as you are always in full control. However your clients will not have this luxury.

Things to remember

  • For each appointment, booxi provides email confirmation and SMS reminder
  • booxi automatically creates new client records
  • booxi keeps track of all your clients appointments – history
  • Your clients can select a specific available time slot when they book online
  • You always stay in control
  • The more you use booxi, the more time and money you save, therefore the more efficient you become.
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