Merge Duplicate Client Records and Keep a Healthy Client List

Product Features    |   Nov 09, 2017

merging client
You can now search for client record duplicates, and merge multiple selected records into one, without losing your appointment history.

  • Search for Duplicates
  • Merge Client Records

Search for Duplicates

Using the search icon at the top of the client list, you can search for a partial client name, or a phone number to find duplicate client records. Use this to find, select and merge duplicate, so you keep a clean and healthy client list.

  1. Go to your client list, by clicking on the main menu Clients section.
  2. Click on the button at the top of the client list.
  3. Type in a partial name, or phone bar
  4. Click on the button again to launch the search, or simply hit the Enter key.client names search
  5. The search result will be listed below, and you can select multiple client records, or get back to the full list by cancelling the search using the client

Merge Client Records

Once you have identified duplicate client records, you can easily select and merge them together in one record with one appointment history. The merged client record will contain the combined available details and appointment history of all selected records, and the duplicate records will be marked as deleted and remove from your client list.

  1. Search for a partial name, or phone to find duplicate records
  2. Select the client records to merged together, by first selecting the client record to merge into, followed by the duplicates.
  3. Click on the Action Menu of the List, and select Merge Clients
    merge client
  4. A form allowing you to review the merge result will be displayed.
  5. You can hover the icon at the top to review the list of selected client records that are about to be merged.
    client list to merge
  6. Update the details if needed, and click on Merge at the bottom of the form.
  7. The client records will be merged in one record, and you’re done.
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