How to Add Online Booking to Jimdo Website

Tutorials    |   August 21, 2017

Step 0 :

Step 1 : Go to jimbo and please login into your account and access your jimdo site editor screen.

Step 2 : Open your site menu (menu left side). Look for settings option and select it:
Jimdo menu

Step 3 : In the settings menu look for an option called Edit Head and select it:

Jimdo Settings

Step 4 : This section will allow you to place the booxi widget code onto every page of the site (this does NOT automatically include a button on each page).

edit head

Please make sure that WEBSITE tab is selected (loaded in the grey header). Go back to the booxi developer page and look for Widget Code section, there will be a text box full of web code and would look like the image below :

book now widget code

You must select all the text in this text area and copy it (crtl-c), go back to your Jimdo Edit Head window, and paste the code into the text area.

script html edit head

Be sure to save it before leaving the section. If there was an error in the copy page Jimdo will not save it. To make sure it worked just go back to the section after saving it, if the code is still there that means everything is good.

Step 5: Now that the widget code we are able to add the book now button. Go to your jimdo page editor and find the place where you wish to add the book now button. Use the + Add Element option that is presented on the page editor as you move your mouse around. Click the + Add Element button.

add online booking

The option to add the book now button is not a part of these basic options, please press the More elements and Add-ons button.
Widget book now on jimdo

Look for and select the option called Widget / HTML, this will bring up a editor where we can add the button. The Editor should look something like this :

Jimdo website editor

Go back to the booxi developer page and look for Book Now Button, you will have a text area containing the html code required to add a button to the page. It looks something like :

book now button

You must copy the HTML code from the text box and go back to your Jimdo editor and paste the text into Widget / HTML text area. As shown in the following image :

Jimdo script editor

Press the save button. It is normal that you do not see the button on the page. Save the page and testing it out, if everything went well the green button should appear. If you click on it the book now widget will load up.

Trouble shooting :

If your button is not loading it can be one of the following problems :

  • There was an error with the copying of one of the book now widget text code.
  • Your api key is invalid, could be a typo or something similar.
  • Your business is not online.
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