The Benefits of Online Reviews and Ratings

Business Tips    |   Nov 25, 2016

91% of consumers read online reviews before buying or booking. Indeed statistics show that the feedback from other customers are extremely important and trustworthy to them as they rely on reviews and ratings published online to make a purchase decision.

However many professionals and business owners don’t benefit from consumer feedback as their website and Facebook page do not offer any way to leave a feedback.

The main reason is because many of them express fear about it : the fear that an unsatisfied customer publishes a negative comment, or the fear that they don’t have enough time to properly manage and review comments.

As mentioned above, statistics show that consumers do consult online reviews to build their opinion on your business. Which is why, it is crucial that they easily find comments and reviews about your business and your services; if they can’t find any, they will most likely find another business with reviews.

online rating and reviews

There is Much to Win, Nothing to Lose

There are more positive than negative points in letting your customers give their feedback on your business:

  • Testimonials help future customers to take a decision.
  • If an unsatisfied customer has the opportunity to express himself, and that you create a dialogue, chances are that you won’t lose that customer. In contrast, an unsatisfied customer who couldn’t express himself will probably never come back.
  • If you take a moment and answer to a negative review, you show to your futures customers how professional and caring about your customers you are.
  • Finally it is much better to have few negative comments online and to be aware of a problem in your business than it is to find out too late. For you it’s an opportunity to fix something before it becomes a costly problem.

Easy to Do and Simple to Managed

Adding reviews and rating to your online presence is not that difficult of a task, and those reviews can be managed with little time investment.

How to activate it on your Facebook page?

  1. Go on your Facebook page,
  2. Then click on Settings,
  3. Then click on General on the left,
  4. In the section Reviews, click on Edit.turn on review on Facebook
  5. Then choose the option Allow visitors to review this Page
  6. Finally click on Save Changes.

Ask your current customers to leave a review on your Google My Business profile
After creating your Google My Business profile, to get the most out of your search results, ask your most loyal customers to leave a review on your profile. This is a really effective strategy to convert online visitors into real customers. Indeed 88% of consumers believe online reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation.

What do I do with it?

  • Now all you have to do is to inform your customers they can leave a feedback online about your business and your services. Remember to ask all your happy customers to do it.
  • Schedule about 4 sessions of 15 minutes each during the week to review comments and answer them.
  • You can also ask to your customers to let their reviews on others platforms such as Tripadvisor for example.

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