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Business Tips    |   Sep 30, 2016

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Finding original ideas and relevant content and then publishing them on your social networks requires a significant time investment. Between managing your business and serving your customers, you often have not time left to take care of your social networks.

That is why we decided to offer you some advice to help you manage your social networks like a Pro by regularly publishing relevant content without spending hours on them.

Take Notes During the Week

The best way to waste time is to block time in your schedule to sit in-front of your computer and get lost on the internet looking for ideas for your posts.

A simple way to be more effective, is to take notes about events, inspirations and ideas as they come.

For example,

  • Talk about new products
  • Announce a change in business hours
  • Remind people that you offer online booking
  • Share highlights of your business with your audience
  • Advertise your or your business participation to an event
  • Share articles that are related to your business
  • Introduce a new employee
  • Ask your customers about their opinion
  • Share content published by your partners

This way, when the time comes to create your pots, you have ideas at hand.


Publications with images are 94% more likely to be seen. Do not forget to illustrate each of your publications. Here is an article to help you easily find pictures related to your publications.

Keep Links to Relevant Articles and Websites

During the week you are exposed to content, images and information from different networks that you follow. Either you don’t have the time to read and forget about to come back to it, or you don’t have time to publish right away and forget when the time comes; while this content would surely be relevant to your customers.

Create a folder in your bookmarks and add links to content that have drawn your attention during the week; thus you will be able to read it at a more convenient time and keep only the relevant links to include them into your weekly posts.

With Facebook, you can keep a link on a facebook post by clicking on the top right of a post, and on «Save link» or video or other content.

save link on facebook

You can then review it at a later time that suits you better by clicking «Saved» to the left of your home page.

find a saved link on facebook

Use Automation And Save Even More Time

Use a solution that will allow you to program posts simultaneously on different social accounts. Such tools will make your life much easier by allowing you to schedule your publications at the most effective hours, and manage your social networks without having to login multiple accounts.

Examples of solutions :

Hootsuite ΓÇö The solution offers a free plan that allows you to manage publications on three different accounts and keep an eye on your metrics.

Buffer ΓÇö The solution also offers a free plan that allows you to manage multiple accounts, but does not provide much metrics.

If you have a Facebook account, you can use the scheduling feature of Facebook to program the date and time at which your posts will be published.

Schedule a facebook post

Stay Tuned

Keep an eye on your social network accounts and keep a personalized interaction. You don’t have to be logged in 24 hour, but make sure to reply to comments in a respectable delay and thank people who share your content.

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