Return To The Office: How To Encourage Your Employees

Since most health restrictions are being eased, most employees want to return to the office a few days a week. However, no one likes to be alone in the office, nor do they enjoy going in without knowing which colleagues will be there. Today, it is common knowledge that employees' main reason to come to the office is to socialize and to collaborate in-person with their peers. Most companies are still struggling to give them the motivation they need to return to the office.

At Booxi, we appreciate working as a team and always look forward to being able to meet at the office! With our Montreal headquarters currently located in a coworking space, seats are limited and we can have a maximum of 10 at any given time. Therefore, to avoid having too many people at once, or too few, one of our team members had the idea of setting up a system to reserve a seat in the office using our own appointment scheduling software.  Even though the information of who booked a spot was collected, there was no easy visual representation of who would be present at what time and on which day.

That's where Jimmy, Software Development Director at Booxi, comes into the picture!

One night, he decided to "play around" with our software to try and solve this problem he had identified: finding a way to easily display to the whole team who had booked their seat at the office. In just a few hours, using our API (that allows our clients to completely customize our Booking Widget), the Booxi Webhook and integrating it all into our HR software, Jimmy created our new Office Dashboard. This planner-looking system allows our staff to have a complete view of the week where you can see all the people who have registered to go to the office!

Thanks to Jimmy's cleverness and curiosity, our staff gained the motivation needed to come back to the office much more often and on a regular basis.

By simply wanting to find a solution to a minor internal problem, Jimmy invented a new use case for our software that no one had ever thought of before! This goes to show that with Booxi you can set up any kind of service using appointment scheduling and use our software in an almost unlimited number of ways.

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