Set up online booking for in-store traffic control

Business Tips    |   May 14, 2020

Offering online booking to visit your store is a great and easy way to control your traffic and avoid an awful customer experience with lineups in front of your store. 

This article will be focusing on setting up online booking for store visits.

1. Get a booxi account 

If you already have a booxi account, click here to sign in. If not you can sign up and enjoy a free trial. If you have multiple store locations, you can start your online booking with a selection of stores which can be grouped by regions.

2. Create a store visit service

Whether your retail store accepts 5 or hundreds of customers, you can create a group reservation service to control your traffic flow at any given time. If you can only accept a few customers at a time, appointment booking is a great option for you.

The idea is to create small groups of availability to control the traffic and offer time options to your customers. For example, if your store accepts 40 customers at any given time, and you estimate the average shopping time to be 40 min per customer, you should create groups of 10 min with each a capacity of 10 customers. So 40 customers will get in, and after 40 mins 10 will go out, then 10 more will go in every 10 minutes, controlling the flow of traffic in your store.

  1. Click on the Service  main section
  2. Add a new service (booking type group reservation) and edit the details
  3. Set a time duration  (ex. 10 min), uncheck display duration
  4. Set the price to free and uncheck display price 
  5. You can use the instructions to inform your customer on what to expect.
  6. Provide a marketing description at the bottom,  such as All customers are required to book their visit and thus avoid long lineups. Click on Save at the top, and you’re done. Remember to turn your service online when everything is ready.

3. Plan your traffic with group availability

Create short-duration group availability time slots and copy paste a day or a week to plan ahead. 

  1. Click on the Calendar main section
  2. Use any personnel’s calendar or one that you created to schedule your store visits
  3. Add a new group availability 
  4. Copy that group, and paste throughout the day
  5. Copy the whole day or week when you right-click on a day, paste it in another day or week to quickly build your schedule.

4. Integrate online booking  to your website

You can easily integrate the online booking button and iframe to your website or on any landing page if that’s easier. It is only a matter of copy/paste of a small javascript code. 

It is recommended to add the online booking button to your homepage and inform your customers that they must book their visit prior to going to your store, as well as mentioning that they get to avoid lineups. 

Refer to the following articles to find out how

Customer Experience

Your customers will be able to book a visit online at a specific time, get information about what to expect, and avoid lineups.

Margaux Duchatelet
Margaux Duchatelet
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