Setting Up Online Booking for Click and Scheduled Collect at the Store

Business Tips    |   May 12, 2020

Offering a Click and Scheduled Collect service is a great way to keep your customer’s loyalty. It provides a convenient and contact-less option by avoiding shipping costs and therefore, attracting customers.

This article will be focusing on setting up online booking after checkout which will then allow your customers to schedule their collect at the store, avoiding shipping costs and lineups to collect.

1. Get a booxi account 

If you already have a booxi account, click here to sign in. If not, you can sign up and enjoy a free trial. If you have multiple store locations, you can start your online booking with a selection of stores which can be grouped by regions.

2. Create your collect appointment service

Create a short appointment with availability every 5 minutes, just enough time to hand over your customer’s purchase. 

  1. Click on the Service      main section
  2. Add a new service and edit the details
  3. Set the duration to 5 minutes
  4. You can ask questions at booking, which can be a single question or a survey. It could be useful to ask about the car color, model, brand or licence number to identify the customer’s car.
  5. You can use the instructions section to inform your customer on what to expect.
  6. If you create multiple personnel’s calendars to increase your capacity, make sure to change the Booking Rules to set the Online Personnel Selection to No Personnel Selection and the Time Selection Mode to automatic dispatch.

3. Set up your booking capacity

You can increase your booking capacity by adding personnel calendars, so 4 personnel calendars is a capacity of 4 appointments at a time. 

  1. Click on the Personnel main section
  2. Add new personnel and edit the details if needed
  3. Assign the collect service to that person
  4. Use the Work Schedule to manage different capacity on different days of the week, or simply set that schedule to your business open hours.

4. Integrate this online booking service to website

You can easily integrate the online booking button and iframe to your checkout page or any landing page. 

Here are a few ideas to keep it simple, depending on the flexibility of your eCommerce site:  

  • Add the booking button to your collect option
  • Add a link to the collect booking page in your checkout message
  • Add a link to the collect booking page in your order confirmation email
  • Inform your customer of this new option in your homepage

Make sure to push the order number with the appointment so you have that information handy for the collect. Integrating the button is only a matter of copy/paste of a small javascript code. Refer to the following articles for a step-by-step guide.

5. Prepare for your collect appointment

You can easily access the appointment list and prepare for each collect by looking at the booking survey answers.

  1. Click on the Calendar main section, and select the List View mode
  2. Click on an appointment to view its details and get the associated order number
  3. If a survey was filed, click on Edit Survey to review the answers
  4. Identify the customer’s car and handover his purchases.

Customer Experience

Your customers will be able to book a collect online at a convenient time, receive a confirmation and a reminder close to the appointment time. The reminder’s instructions will guide them on how to proceed at your store, avoiding lineups and having a safe, contactless collect experience.


Margaux Duchatelet
Margaux Duchatelet
Offer a convenient Click and Scheduled Collect safe experience.
Business Tips   |   May 12, 2020
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Business Tips   |   May 12, 2020
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