Setup online booking for safe appointments in store

Business Tips    |   May 13, 2020

Offering online booking for appointments in your store is a great strategy to attract more customers, avoid no-shows, communicate your safety measures and provide a great and safe customer experience. 

This article will be focusing on setting up group or individual appointments in-store.

1. Get a booxi account 

If you already have a booxi account, click here to sign in. If not, you can sign up and enjoy a free trial. If you have multiple store locations, you can start your online booking with a selection of stores which can be grouped by regions.

2. Create a store visit service 

Create as many services as you need, and group them by category so your customers will easily be able to find the right service in no time. Adding images is optional, but provides a  more enjoyable booking experience. Additionally, most customers expect to have an idea of the service duration and pricing while booking online.

Consider adding spacing in between appointments so they don’t overlap and customers remain at a safe distance.   Adding that spacing also gives you plenty of time to prepare for the next appointment. You can also add additional information in the instructions that will be sent in the confirmation email so your customers are aware of what safety measures are in place. 


  1. Click on the Service  main section
  2. Add a new service (booking type appointment with one client) and edit the details
  3. Set a duration and add spacing to block some extra time between appointments if needed
  4. Set your price (you can configure taxes in your business details)
  5. You can use the instructions section to inform your customer on what to expect.
  6. You may ask questions at booking if you need to.
  7. Provide a marketing description at the bottom which will be visible to the customer when booking online.
  8. Click on Save at the top, and you’re done. Remember to turn your service online when everything is ready.

You can add a new category to classify your service offer:

  1. Add a new category and provide a name.
  2. Go in the details of a service, and change the default category

You can reorder your services and category:

  1. Click on Reorder Services from the Service List menu
  2. Select services and click the up or down buttons
  3. Save your changes.

3. Integrate online booking  to your website

You can easily integrate the online booking button and iframe to your website or on any landing page if that’s easier. It is only a matter of copy/paste of a small javascript code. 

It is recommended to add the online booking button to your homepage and make it stand out. The more visible it is, the more customers will book online which means a better conversion rate. 

Refer to the following articles to set it up.

Customer Experience

Your customers will be able to book their appointments online and receive a confirmation, as well as a reminder so they don’t forget. Since 70% of consumers are looking for online booking and 63% expect to receive an SMS reminder, this option will definitely attract new customers.

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