Be successful by tracking your metrics with booxi.

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Nowadays, to run a successful business, you need information. Information about your clients, your revenues and costs, your peak time and down time, etc, but that sounds complicated. To keep it simple we decided to start with 3 simple topics.


  • Statistics and metrics
  • Visibility
  • Appointments
  • Clients

Statistics and metrics

booxi can analyse and compute all that complicated data for you, and present you with simple colorful information that you understand without getting a headache. It has the capability to provide you with statistics and metrics on countless aspects of your business.

If you sign into your booxi account, go to My Business and select Activity, you get access to a series of 3 topics that provides you actual and average statistics with key metrics.


The visibility topic provides you with information on the internet traffic you had on your booxi website, as well as how many times the book now button was used for an actual week or on average per day of week for a specific month. This information tells you if you are doing a good job in attracting customers to your booxi website, as well as how often they look at booking online with you.

  • Use the left and right arrows to navigate from one week to another or through months
  • Use the down arrow to switch from actual week data to average per day of week for each month


The appointments topic provides you with information on both the overall and the online appointments you have per actual week or in average per day of week for each month. This information tells you about your busy days, week and months, as well as how good your doing at promoting online appointments. The more online appointments you get, the more time you save.


To save even more time, read our tips to get your customers to book online.


The clients topic provides you with a simple statistic on your growing clientele. It tells you on a 6 months basis how fast your clientele is growing, as well as how many of those clients booked their first appointment with you from your booxi website (or through online booking). This a great data when you are growing a clientele, and if you already have one, you can measure how fast your clientele gets added to booxi and how quick they adopt online booking.


See, I told you it was simple.

Things to remember

  • You can access your statistics and metrics from My Business – Activity
  • You can view actual data or averages and review it through time
Astrid Bertout
Digital Marketing | Customer Success
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