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Generate Appointment Reports to Monitor Your business
Product Features   |   Oct 13, 2017
With booxi, it's now easy to generate reports from your appointments data. A relevant information to analyze your business and help you to bring it to the next level. Read more
#appointment | #Business Owners
Automatically Dispatch Appointments to Your Personnel and Spend Less Time Managing Schedules
Product Features   |   Oct 02, 2017
It is now possible to automatically dispatch appointments booked online to the available personnel instead of asking your client to choose a personnel, or do the dispatch manually yourself. Read more
#appointment | #online booking
Are you Ready for the Rush of Holidays?
Business Tips   |   Dec 20, 2016
Holidays are a very busy time. Here is our checklist to make sure you get the most of this period without stress. Read more
How do successful small businesses retain their clients?
Business Tips   |   Aug 11, 2016
48% of small-business owners worldwide said their customers drove their success however few businesses have real strategies to build strong relationship with their existing clients. Find out our best strategies to increase your customer satisfaction and build your customer loyalty. Read more
#appointment | #Customer Retention | #user experience
booxi Got The Attention of The Toronto ESI 2016
Press Release   |   Jul 11, 2016
The benefits of booxi through the amazing feedback of EIS Toronto attendees. Read more
#affordable solution | #appointment | #time saving
iPhone App – Improved Calendar
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
All your appointments on hand, with the new features on the iPhone app. Read more
#appointment | #iPhone / iOS | #multiple services
Time saving : Status, Colors, Copy Paste and more.
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
Gain efficiency thanks to the colors that allow you to know your schedules at a glance and learn some tips to save even more time. Read more
#agenda | #appointment | #multiple services
You can now book multiple services in the same appointment!
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
Learn how you can book multiple services in the same appointment from booxi to be even more efficient. Read more
#appointment | #multiple services | #spacing
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