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Booxi Made Lots of Happy Professionals and Business Owners at the 2016 Vancouver EIS This Year
Press Release   |   Jul 11, 2016
booxi was at the Vancouver ESI 2016. This overview highlights the great feedback received during the event. Read more
#affordable solution | #online booking | #time saving
How to easily improve communication with your clients?
Business Tips   |   Jul 08, 2016
A successful management of appointment booking depends on communication. booxi enables you to communicate easily and clearly with your clients in a way that increases the quality level of your service and saves you lots of time. Let's see how booxi does it. Read more
#online booking | #reminder | #time saving
Manage the availability of resources such as rooms and equipments for your appointments
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
No more headhaches, no more wasting time to manage your rooms and equipment and your appointment with booxi. Read more
#business management | #online booking | #resources
Save a lot of time by managing all your appointments with booxi.
Business Tips   |   Jul 08, 2016
This article shows you how and why booxi will help you to optimize your time and your appointments management. Read more
#business management | #online booking | #time saving
How to get my clients to book online?
Business Tips   |   Jul 08, 2016
Find out our tips to encourage your customers to book appointments online. Read more
#Business Facebook Page | #online booking
First Article
Product Features   |   Jul 08, 2016
Here is the first article. Find out our first improvements and features. Read more
#agenda | #online booking
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