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Create your Mailchimp account : 1st step in the customer retention strategy
Tutorials   |   Jan 10, 2018
In this tutorial we will see the first step of an email marketing strategy : the selection of the right tool and the creation of your account in that solution. Read more
#Customer Retention | #mailing list
Increase Your Customer Retention With Automated Appointment Recall Reminders
News   |   Oct 17, 2017
Build repeat business with automated rebooking reminders. An efficient way to boost your customer retention. Read more
#Customer Retention | #online booking
5 Easy Ways to Gain Customer Trust – Overcoming the Stigma of the Beauty Industry
Business Tips   |   Sep 26, 2017
This article provides beauty salon owners with 5 easy (and actionable) ways on how to present their business as a modern and reliable establishment. Read more
#Customer Retention | #user experience
Create an effective satisfaction survey in 7 simple steps
Business Tips   |   Aug 08, 2017
Keeping customers happy is crucial to ensuring customer retention. It also helps greatly with new customer acquisition. Find out our best practice guide to create a relevant satisfaction survey and get a very accurate feedback. Read more
#Customer Acquisition | #Customer Retention
How to turn new customers into repeat customers?
Business Tips   |   Jun 06, 2017
Making sure that new customers become regular customers is an effective strategy that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are 4 strategies to convert your visitors into loyal customers. Read more
#Customer Retention | #loyalty program
7 Marketing Ideas to Get the Most Out of Valentine’s Day
Business Tips   |   Feb 10, 2017
Seasonal events are good opportunities to establish strategies that will allow you to build your customer loyalty, get more customers, and increase sales. As Valentine's Day approaches, here are 7 promotion ideas to get the most out of this day. Read more
#Customer Retention | #social network
How do successful small businesses retain their clients?
Business Tips   |   Aug 11, 2016
48% of small-business owners worldwide said their customers drove their success however few businesses have real strategies to build strong relationship with their existing clients. Find out our best strategies to increase your customer satisfaction and build your customer loyalty. Read more
#appointment | #Customer Retention | #user experience
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