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Small Businesses – Use the Web at Your Advantage
Business Tips   |   Jul 20, 2017
With hundreds of new businesses created every day, it is important to stand out. You can't simply offer a quality product or service, you also need to make yourself visible on the web! Here are 3 ways to have a web presence. Read more
#Business Owners | #online visibility | #website
How to Create Your Business Instagram Account : a Step by Step Guide
Tutorials   |   Jul 05, 2017
Follow this step by step tutorial and create your business Instagram account. Read more
#online visibility
12 creative ways to benefit from Instagram
Business Tips   |   Jun 29, 2017
Help your beauty salon get noticed with 12 great Instagram post ideas. Read more
#Customer Acquisition | #online visibility | #social network
Get more customers by adding online appointment booking to Google My Business and Show that You Offer Online Services
Business Tips   |   Jun 28, 2017
You can now easily convert online visitors into customers by adding booxi directly to your Google My Business account. Read more
#customer | #online visibility
How to Create Shareable Images That Drive Traffic?
Business Tips   |   May 30, 2017
Posts that contain photos are 2.3x more engaging than those without photos. In addition inspirational quotes can lead to post interaction, especially shares. Here are a few quick tips to help you create shareable visuals by combining photos and quotes. Read more
#online visibility | #social network
Create Your Canva Account to Produce Your Own Visuals
Tutorials   |   May 29, 2017
Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than others types of content. By creating your Canva account, you can easily create images that fits with your business to illustrate your social media's publications. Read more
#online visibility | #social network
Take Advantage of the Holidays to Boost Your Social Networks!
Business Tips   |   Dec 16, 2016
It's probably your most busy period of the year however with the right tools to schedule and make your social network publications, you can benefit from the Holidays to regularly publish. Read more
#online visibility | #social network
The Benefits of Online Reviews and Ratings
Business Tips   |   Nov 25, 2016
92% of consumers read online reviews before buying or booking. One good reason among others to allow your customers to share their experience with your business. Let's see why and how to do it. Read more
#online visibility | #user experience
Get Online Visibility in 8 Simple Steps With a Tiny Budget
Business Tips   |   Nov 18, 2016
Today your online visibility is crucial, but we know that you have very limited time to work on it. That's why we created this guide for you. It's easy to apply and you can follow the steps in any order. Read more
#online visibility
The Importance of a Website
Business Tips   |   Oct 19, 2016
Often, entrepreneurs think a website is an unnecessary expense, especially when they already have a Facebook page. Here are some benefits of having a website and why it is important for small businesses to have a digital presence today. Read more
#online visibility | #website
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