Take Advantage of the Holidays to Boost Your Social Networks!

Business Tips    |   Dec 16, 2016

boost your social networks during HolidaysThis is probably your most busy period of the year; however, with the right tools to schedule and make your social network publications, you can benefit from the Holidays to regularly publish and interact on your social networks.

Virtual Decorations for the Holidays

Apply the decoration principle to your social networks by using images that reflect the Holidays spirit in your publications! Avoid waiting time on searching images, and use a website like StockUp that provides you lots of images for free, and is very easy to use.

Take the Time to Thank Your Customers

The Holidays is the right moment to get closer to your customers. So take the time to thank them for their loyalty by adding, for example a picture with all members of your team.

Inform Your Customers About Your Holidays Schedule

Make sure that your customers know about your schedule changes and that they can easily book appointments with you. Publish a post to remind your customers that they can book their appointment online. And add the Book Now call to action to your Facebook page if it’s not done already.

Share Trends in Your Field

If you are for example, in the beauty, make up or hairstyle industry, spot styles and hairstyles that have been the most shared on Pinterest and Instagram and publish them on your social networks. Your audience will be pleased to see that your are an expert and that you know the trends: an efficient and simple strategy to invite them to book an appointment online with you.

The Perfect Moment for Gifts

You can organize a contest to offer gifts to your audience on your social networks. It’s a very simple way to get more visibility and to reward people who like your page. Make it simple: for example it could be a sort!

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